Rizal Paperbag the Black & White Doodler

Nifty Zone: Can you introduce yourself to us?

Rizal Paperbag: Hi, my name is Rizal. I’m a freelance artist from Pahang. I’ve loved drawing comics from an early age. I got more serious in early 2014, when I discovered a doodle artist from the Philippines called Kerby Rosanes. I really admire his artwork and that’s why I use his artwork as a reference. It took me years to finally manage to draw something, that I can call my own style.

Nifty Zone: Your art is mostly black & white and it’s very unique. Is there a specific reason you don’t colour your art?

Rizal Paperbag: There is actually no specific reason my art is black & white. It’s just that I think I’m really bad at mixing and matching colours haha. Some people have even called me ‘colour blind’ because my drawings are always in black & white. If I do need to put colour, I just add one or two flat colours.

Nifty Zone: What is your biggest inspiration when you draw your art?

Rizal Paperbag: I really love to watch fantasy and mythical movies with unique characters. These characters could be anything from monsters to weird trees. And that’s what has inspired my art in a big way.

Nifty Zone: Do you have any final message to young and aspiring artists?

Rizal Paperbag: My message to young and aspiring artists is to do what you love and to fulfill your own needs first. Your own happiness matters and the rest will come later. Just don’t give up! Thank you Nifty Zone.

Rizal Paperbag
Rizal Paperbag