bite Kenny – Fantasy AI Art Creator

bite Kenny from Taiwan creates digital art of magical fantasy worlds with the help of AI. NiftyZone got the opportunity to conduct an interview with Kenny in Chinese. We publish the english translated version below.

Can you let our readers know a bit about yourself?

Sure, I am “bite Kenny” from Taiwan. My real name is 詹富凱 (Zhan Fukai). I love painting since childhood, and I learnt traditional painting during my school days. After that, I touched on graphics design, and then architectural design. Currently, I am starting an interior design company with friends.

bite kenny's Treasures of Sewers series of AI Art
“Treasures of the sewers” © bite Kenny

So how and when did you start using AI for your creations?

My first contact was in May of 2022, where I tried Disco Diffusion. Back then, I remember it took about an hour to create an image. I then started using Midjourney in June. I was totally amazed by it. The speed of creation, the accuracy of prompts interpretation, the creativity and quality of the output is very high-level.

With Midjourney as a helper tool, I started imagining all sorts of fantasy worlds that I want to create. Over the next few months, the team at Midjourney continued to improve the product, and the artwork I was able to produce with it got closer and closer to what I had in my mind.

bite kenny's Brick Town Old Town series of AI Art
“Brick Town’s Old Town” © bite Kenny

What other AI text-to-image tools do you use?

I would say 95% of my creations are done in Midjourney. I did try DreamStudio for a while, although it does produce more refined images with better resolution, I think ultimately it doesn’t add much to my art. Plus, DreamStudio is quite expensive.

Other than that, this month (October 2022) I tried Stable Diffusion AUTOMATIC1111 by recommendation of the Midjourney online community. This is a new tool, but I realize I don’t derive excitement by being an early adopter of new technologies and tools. My focus is still on using whatever AI tool that can create something closest to my imagination and art direction.

bite kenny's Surrealist illustration series of AI Art - Kids from Neverland
“Surrealist illustration” © bite Kenny

Do you think using AI to generate art creates ethical issues?

Well I personally advocate the use of AI tools to create art. I think the value of art is defined by the people who appreciate it. It is how art resonates with their feelings and even heal their minds and heart, and not so much by the opinions of the creator.

I think the value of art is defined by the people who appreciate it, and rather not based on the opinions of the creator.

The controversies of AI art probably lie in that AI learns and trains itself from existing works of art. Thus, some artists see it as plagiarism. I prefer to take a view that AI learning from an artist to create derivative art for the enjoyment of others is generally a good thing and a form of flattery for the original artist. Human artists should take the view that knowledge and beauty should be shared for the greater good. Peronally, although I didn’t make my prompts public, I will attribute the reference artists and give thanks.

Land of ancient chrono triggers AI art by bite_kenny
“Land of ancient chrono triggers” © bite Kenny

What’s next for you in your art journey?

I will continue to refine my works together with the evolution of AI tools. I hope to reproduce my ideal fantasy worlds more clearly so as to articulate them better to people who enjoy my art. I am also making frameless print versions of my art, so that I can gift them to my friends, family as well as to my interior design clients.

In addition, I am busy preparing for two upcoming art exhibitions where I will present select pieces of my artwork:

  • 2022 AI art exhibition “ADENOCROMO for dinner” at M.A.D.S Gallery in Milan
  • “AI generated art” exhibition at the Centro Gabriela Mistral (GAM), in Chile
bite Kenny AI Art exhibition M.A.D.S Milan gallery and GAM Chile
Bite_Kenny’s AI Art Exhibition @ GAM, Chile

Where can our readers see more of your artwork?

Thank you NiftyZone for this interview! Please follow me at: