25 Niji Journey Prompts to Get Started on Midjourney

Niji Journey is a collaboration between Spellbrush and Midjourney, providing a platform for generating custom anime illustrations using AI. The simplicity of crafting visual stories with nothing but a few words is both exhilarating and empowering. let’s have a look at a few of the prompts for you to get started with Niji Journey.

Example Prompts

1. “A serene lakeside with cherry blossoms fluttering in the gentle breeze.”

niji journey prompts

2. “A fierce warrior standing defiantly against a stormy backdrop.”

3. “A whimsical forest filled with glowing fairies and mystical creatures.”

niji journey prompts

4. “A bustling city skyline at dusk with lights beginning to twinkle.”

5. “A gentle maiden with flowing hair surrounded by a halo of butterflies.”

niji journey prompts

6. “A dramatic space battle with ships darting amidst exploding stars.”

7. “A quaint cottage nestled in a snowy landscape with smoke billowing from the chimney.”

niji journey prompts

8. “A valiant knight facing a menacing dragon amidst roaring flames.”

9. “A haunted mansion silhouetted against a full moon with eerie shadows lurking around”

niji journey prompts

10. “A bustling marketplace filled with exotic goods and vibrant characters”

You can also change your Niji settings on the Midjourney discord server simply by typing “/settings” and hit enter. There are different modes for different scenarios. Such as Expressive style, cute, Scenic and default style. Each ahve their own set of features and you can use them as and when required based on your required output.

Few more Illustrations

11. “A band of pirates sailing through stormy seas towards a golden sunset”

niji journey prompts

12. “A mystical sorcerer conjuring a whirlwind of sparkling enchantments”

niji journey prompts

13. “An enchanted garden with flowers that glow under the silvery moonlight”

14. “A heroic adventurer leaping across a chasm in a forgotten temple”

15. “A group of whimsical robots exploring a post-apocalyptic cityscape”

16. “A regal queen on a throne surrounded by a lush and mystical forest”

niji journey prompts

17. “A daring space explorer encountering alien civilizations on a distant planet”

niji journey prompts

18. “A jovial carnival with whimsical rides and colourful fireworks bursting in the night sky”

19. “A steampunk city with gears and steam billowing from quaint cobblestone streets”

20. “A fierce gladiator stepping into a grand arena amid roaring crowds”

niji journey prompts

21. “A tender scene of a young couple sharing an umbrella in a soft rain”

niji journey prompts

22. “A magical underwater kingdom with mermaids and fantastical sea creatures”

23. “A wild west scene with cowboys and a dramatic sunset casting long shadows”

24. “A celestial dance with stars and planets swirling in a cosmic ballet”

niji journey prompts

25.”A serene meadow with a lone tree standing tall under a rainbow after a storm”

niji journey prompts

These are few of the Niji prompts t get yo an idea of what you can use to get your Niji journey started. Have fun and experiment with mix and match prompts to get unique results.

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