PSSYPPL the mysterious NFT digital artist

“I draw, I post, I move on.”


Today, NiftyZone will be covering an exclusive interview with mysterious artist, ‘PSSYPPL‘. We realised that his artworks stand out from usual NFT artists and we were curious to find out the true meaning behind his art pieces. To some, his works might come off as a little frightening but here’s the reason behind it!

PSSYPPL explained that he often draws based on his emotions. When sadness hits, he visualises the negative feelings into symbols and colours as a form of therapy. Once the artwork is finished, the feelings of sadness or anger will be transferred from his mind to the painting. In the country that he lives in, badly managed government is often the cause of his anger on a daily basis. He transfers this anger to his works in a sarcastic way to state his point that he does not agree with their actions. By taking a look at the bigger picture, he realised over time that it wasn’t just the government but it was the whole system – a system that was corrupted through the core. This is where he gained inspiration for his artworks and they started to evolve through each painting he created.

PSSYPPL also disclosed that he doesn’t wish to explicitly display his anger to his audiences, instead he wishes for them to reflect themselves through the artwork in their own special ways. This allows the audience to formulate their own thoughts and opinions, questions the system through their own perspectives. As a result, he is required to research on each topic carefully to ensure that the symbols he uses does not offend anyone unintentionally. Once he started drawing, he experiences calmness and simply focuses on ways to make the audience more curious and reflective. Through this, he can mould the feeling that he had at the beginning of the process. This time not as a weapon, but as a tool to communicate with the audience.

Our NiftyZone team asked PSSYPPL to share his all-time favourite art piece and the meaning it held. He shared that his most treasured artwork would be ‘The Fall’ as it was a simple yet powerful piece. It speaks of the higher system in a subtle way with no facial identity needed. The message could get through to people who felt like they were struggling beneath the power. “Without the people the system would fall. It’s up to us, the people, not them.”

We also were curious about how the process of selling his work as NFTs has changed his life. He share that art was his passion, he loves creating art in various styles. Moreover, with so many different NFT platforms, he has the opportunity to create many collections throughout the chain. PSSYPPL still considers himself a beginner in the NFT field and was not able to make significant sales yet. However, he is frequently reminded that he embarked on the path to NFTs because it is fun and enjoyable. Art itself is fun and he feels a sense of accomplishment when audiences adore his work. He believes that this journey has allowed him to make various collections, get to larger audiences and connect to a bigger community. Above of things, he is happy and satisfied every time he starts on a new piece of art.

There were many artists who has inspired PSSYPPL and shaped him to be the brilliant artist he is today. To name a few, ‘Kim Jung Gi’ and ‘Miles Johnston’ were inspirations to him since a young age and he will never forget them. They’ve thought him how to think differently, to be unique and to think outside of the box. Every artwork that they’ve created served as a new lesson to PSSYPPL.