Dojo Namwong’s Emotionally Charged NFT Art

Above Dojo Namwong: On Melancholy Hill (Copyright © Dojo Namwong, 2021)

A mix between pop surrealism and psychedelic art, Dojo Namwong’s artworks are mesmerizing and intriguing. Dojo, an NFT artist from Bangkok, Thailand, likes to express the “human” with his work. He draws realistic body parts such as eyes and ears to represent the human body and doodles with color as a way of portraying the soul. For him “Body + Soul = Human” hence his artworks are depictions of the human condition. He uses his art to bring together the styles of the two artists he admires the most, Salvador Dalí and Keith Haring. His usage of surreal and surprising elements that become visible when inspecting his works are reminiscent of Dalí’s compositions and his vibrant color schemes are similar to those of Keith Haring. 

Dojo Namwong - Composition of Human
Above Dojo Namwong: Composition of human (Copyright © Dojo Namwong, 2021)

Dojo gets his inspiration from his own emotions. When he’s feeling something intensely and doesn’t know how to express it in words, he draws. Everything he wants to say he puts in his art and lets his art do the talking for him. However, his pieces are never one-dimensional and they reflect many emotions at once. Dojo says, if his art could tell a story it would be a mixture of feelings, “like the movie Inside Out”. Because he is so inspired by his own emotions when creating his pieces he doesn’t ask for people to understand his art but to “just feel it”. 

Originally from a fine art background, Dojo has been an artist for 15 years. A painter before, NFT has introduced him to a whole new world of art, where “you can be yourself and grow together with your community”. Although he is happy being an NFT artist and creating NFT art, he says the NFT world still challenges him every day. He doesn’t know what the future holds but he’s happy to face the challenges in the present. So he’s just keeping “calm, kind, respectful and doing good art” as an artist, and he advises aspiring artists to do the same: “Just be the BEST of yourself”.