Trending AI Spiral Village: Here is how to create it!

An AI-generated image of a spiral-shaped medieval village that was shared on Sunday by a Reddit member by the username of “Ugleh” quickly went viral on social media due to its exceptional geometrical features. The appreciation for subsequent posts increased, with one tweet receiving over 145,000 likes. Ugleh used ControlNet guiding and stable diffusion to make the images.

The viral Spiral Town

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AI Image of a Medieval Village in Checkered Image

Response to the trending AI artwork

The post has received amazing responses from the users online. Viral AI Art was praised for its uniqueness. Further, the user has created the ai generated image using controlnet and stable diffusion. Why did people like this artwork? Its intricate geometric design may have resonated with many people, or the artwork’s basic quality may have exceeded what AI technology is now capable of. 

But it encountered some skepticism, just like every overnight craze or viral movement. While some people acknowledged their attraction towards and astonishment at the artwork, others saw it as just another passing fad or as a more significant reason to worry or stay away from AI. However, it’s possible that this out-of-the-ordinary touch stoked the flames of curiosity. 

The Changing Perception about AI Art

AI-generated art has long been the target of detractors. The contributions of AI to the art world have been welcomed with curiosity and scorn, frequently being condemned for lacking the “soul” or “human touch” of human-created artwork. However, the perception is changing among the people. 

The distinction between traditional and AI-driven art is also becoming less distinct. AI-generated works are acquiring popularity, for instance, AI Generated Arts are being showcased in renowned museums. This shift in view is a reflection of a larger cultural shift in which technology is now seen as a tool and a partner in the creative process. Changing the discussion of AI’s place in the field of art and its relationship to humanity in general. 

How to create Spiral Village AI Art?

A text prompt (called text2image) or an image prompt (called img2img) are typically used to build a Stable Diffusion image. Pose detection, depth mapping, normal mapping, edge detection, and a host of other features are all introduced by ControlNet as additional guidance that can be in the form of information taken from a source image. Furthermore, a person creating AI art may far more accurately mimic the pose or shape of a subject in a photograph by using ControlNet.

Step 1 – Download the safetensor. You can download it from Huggingface.

Step 2 – Add the safetensor to Model -> ControlNet folder

Step 3 – Select the Geometrical masks and start creating your own spiral village!


It is simple to replicate Ugleh’s work using ControlNet and similar prompts, and others have done so with funny results. You can download the QR Code safetensor with this hugging face link. You can refer the original AI Artwork work-flow for creating the similar AI Artwork.

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