How to use the Midjourney Stylize Parameter?

As Midjourney AI models have improved exponentially, the bar keeps being raised with each update. With those updates, we also get new options that give us more control over the final outcome. One such parameter is the Stylize option. Knowingly or unknowingly we have all used this feature since it is by default set to the prompt. The Stylize parameter has a value ranging from 0 – 1000 and with each value, you get a different type of output.

What is the Stylize Parameter in Midjourney?

  • By default, Midjourney applies a specific value to all our results, drastically modifying our final outcome in terms of Color, Design, Composition and others. Further, we will show you how your actual image would look if this parameter were absent or set to zero.
  • It is defined using the term “–stylize” or “–s” parameter followed by a numerical value between 0 and 1000. 
  • Add –stylize (value) to your prompt to specify the strength of stylization for your image generation.
  • Midjourey settings have few predefined values with specified names for each default value. 

For example, The term “Stylize low” refers to Stylize value of 50 

The term “Stylize Med” refers to Stylize value 100

The term “Stylize High” refers to Stylize value 250

The term “Stylize Very High” refers to Stylize value 750

Working with the Midjourney Stylize Parameter

As we mentioned before, the value ranges from 0 to 1000, so let’s take a few default numbers and see how the images vary with each value.

–stylize 0

Mentioning the value as zero is necessary since its default value is set to 100. So let’s start by entering a basic prompt. We need the same exact image so we can test the values and see how it changes the outcome. So we need to make use of “Seed Value” 

Every image contains a seed value, it is because of the seed value that even though you copy the exact prompt and run it in Midjourney, you get different output every time. If you enter the seed value, you can always create the same image as the ones you saw initially. 

(To get the seed value of an image, you will need to create an image first, then go to reactions, then click on the envelope symbol. As soon as you click the envelope, the same image will be sent to your discord Midjourney DM with the Job ID and Seed value. Now you can keep this seed value for further reference to get similar images and just alter the Stylize values.)

Prompt: “A coffee cup, top view, –s 0” and I got the seed value as “seed 3719826140”

This is the base image without any add-ons. A plain simple output. Sometimes dull and quite ordinary.

–stylize 50

Now the image slowly starts refining, not perfect, but better than what we had earlier. Keep in mind, that a higher number, does not mean better images. it’s the right balance between these numbers that gets you the desired output. If the numbers go too high, then the final result might not seem so relatable to your input.

Prompt: “A coffee cup, top view, –s 50, –seed 3719826140”

–stylize 100

This is the default setting by Midjourney. So there is no need for you to enter the stylize value while trying out the value of 100. 

Prompt: “A coffee cup, top view, –seed 3719826140”

–stylize 250

Now slowly, the image starts to get an artistic look, yet realistic. So make sure to keep it that way.

Prompt: “A coffee cup, top view, –s 250, –seed 3719826140”

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–stylize 500

The middle ground. We have reached the halfway of the maximum limit and here lies the sweet spot. Somewhere between the halfway and the final number, you might end up getting your desired output. From hereon there will be more detailings on the image.

Prompt: “A coffee cup, top view, –s 500, –seed 3719826140”

–stylize 750

There won’t be a massive difference between the 500 and 750. There will be a few improvements. But when you look closely, it seems more like Tea than coffee. The 500 had that froth on top which clearly displayed as coffee. But this has more tea-like or a mixture of tea and coffee characteristics. 

Prompt: “A coffee cup, top view, –s 750, –seed 3719826140”

–stylize 1000

Again there won’t be much difference between these. But as the result shows, this looks more refined and enhanced and less likely original. Well, it’s possible if you know how to pour cream on top of the froth.

Prompt: “A coffee cup, top view, –s 1000, –seed 3719826140”


So after testing all major values, we can conclude that the magic sauce for this specific image lies somewhere between 250 to 500. We can try this with a few more alterations to the prompt and see how it will turn out. So explore all these settings and see which style parameter suits your images. It varies from image to image. so keep learning and have fun exploring new things about AI and AI art.

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