Four Midjourney Prompts to Eliminate from Your Writing

We have all used random prompts on the Midjourney discord server at a given point and as far as a regular user is concerned, we all end up with great results in the end irrespective of whatever kind of prompt we typed.

Ever wondered how it works? How Midjourney manages to turn anything of your prompts into something beautiful.

Well in simple words anything that Midjourney does not understand is considered as noise and it simply avoids them. These prompts are nothing different to any other gibberish word. you enter.

So let’s see what kind of keywords midjourney takes into consideration and what it ignores. This will help you save a bit more time and keep your prompt relevant and clear.

Words that you should avoid while prompting!

1. 4K, 8K, 12K and so on

We have all used these keywords such as 2k, 4k, 8k and more with the assumption that it will increase the quality of the resulting image. But that is not the case.

 Midjourney by default has its maximum outcome quality fixed and irrespective of what you enter, every image comes with a fixed quality outcome. These qualities vary from version to version. 

In the latest version of Midjourney V5.2 the image by default comes out with the 1024X1024 pixels and irrespective of whether you use 4K or 8K, midjourney cannot increase these pixels.

In some cases, the use of these terms, like 8K makes the image unreal and CGI rather than photorealistic.

Here is an example to show the same.

2. HD, UHD, High Definition

The use of words such as High definition, UHD, and ultra-high definition won’t work in Midjourney. Since Midjourney is predefined with a fixed quality outcome, it creates everything of the same quality, but the use of a few words might change the effect and lighting making the image look more raw and clearer. But, the quality of all images is fixed. 

Since Midjourney is trained on a large database of images those images have specific keywords through which Midjourney understands the image. These terms like 8K have no visual representation, which is why Midjourney cannot differentiate between these terminologies.

Here is an example showing the results see if you can predict the ones without any extra keywords and the ones with HD and UHD keywords.

3. Technical camera specifications

Mentioning technical specs in midjourney does not make any difference. It all boils down to the same point, that midjourney does not get it. It does not understand whether you are mentioning the shot in a 100m lens or F stands of the aperture or any such. However, MJ can understand styles and patterns. So instead of using technical terms use words related to the types of lenses or photography style or add renowned photographers’ names to get their style. You can use keywords like “narrow depth”, “cinematic photography”, “Bokeh” and others to get the effects you need.

4. High details, Extreme details, Ultra Details

Keywords like high details and extreme details don’t work either. We have tested this out and we don’t see any difference between the standard image and the ones that are generated using these prompts. But the word “Intricate” does work and it gives you the macro detailings you are looking for.  



So these are a few of the words you can choose to avoid while prompting in midjourney. There are many such keywords that midjourney usually ignores most of the time. They all just act as noise and get striked out. Have fun and experiment with these for yourself and see how they differ. Happy prompting.

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