Top Selling NFTs by Indian Artists

Top Selling NFTs by Indian Artists

India has been known for its art and culture since the beginning of time. The passion for art is beyond limit. Even now, in web3 Indians are making some of the most beautiful and unique arts which are grabbing the attention of the NFT community. In this article we will look into some of the Top Selling NFTs by Indian Artists.

Which are the Top selling NFTs by Indian Artists?

Following are some of the Highest selling NFT arts By Indian Artists. This is a random list and does not convey any ranking. 

  • Folk SciFi NFTs by Vimal Chandran.
  • Prasad Bhat’s NFTs.
  • Toy Faces NFTs by Amrith Pal Singh.
  • Soul Curry Arts by Ishitha Banerjee.
  • Metavoice NFTs by Abhishek Bhaskar.
  • NFTs by Karan Kalra.
  • Mythbit Collectibles by Ayush Gaur.
  • Caged NFTs by Siraj Hassan.
  • NFTSs by Khyathi Trehan.
  • NFTs by Sneha chakraborty. 
  • NFTs by Shreya Daffney.

Lets know more about these NFTs.

Folk SciFi NFTs by Vimal Chandran:

Top Selling NFTs by Vimal Chandran
Revealer of the Light NFT

Folk SciFi NFTs are created by Vimal Chandran. His artwork draws inspiration from local folklore, pop culture, poetry, and childhood experiences. His exceptional blending of storytelling and skill is widely praised and appreciated by media outlets and art fans worldwide. 

Folk SciFi NFTs are Visual artist Vimal Chandran’s collection of 1/1 artwork. In these NFTs he attempts to recreate characters from local mythology and stories in a science fiction environment. There are only 13 Folk SciFi NFTs. They are available in WazirX with a floor price of 23 BNB.

At present the highest priced NFT among Folk SciFi NFTs is Folk SciFi – The Revealer of Light. This NFT costs about 30 BNB which is approximately 7849.8 USD. The highest selling price of NFT is Folk SciFi – Afterglow, which was sold for 13.69 BNB which is nearly 3582.12 USD. Total volume traded by these NFTs is 85 BNB. Many other NFTs from this collection were also sold for impressive prices.

Here you can find Vimal Chandran’s Arts. 

Prasad Bhat’s NFTs : 

Top Selling NFTs by Prasad Bhat
The Smith Evolution NFT

Prasad Bhat is known for making the Unique GIFs and images of different personalities and at the same time being out of the box. His area of expertise is creating personalised hand-drawn digital caricatures. He is the sole proprietor of Graphicurry’. In Graphicurry people can buy unique art works. 

Prasad Bhat’s NFTs are praised all over the world by celebrities and art lovers throughout the world. His unique GIFs were also featured in many of the popular publishers. Prasad Bhat’s artworks are available in WazirX, Foundation and Graphicurry. 

Currently the highest priced NFT is The Smith Evolution featuring Will Smith in different outfits from his movies. This NFT is priced at 9.98 ETH which is around 23000 USD.  He has sold many of his NFTs at an impressive price range. In the first month of listing his artworks alone, he sold 18 NFTs for an average price of 0.77 ETH apiece.

Here you can find Prasad Bhat’s Arts. 

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Toy Faces NFT by Amrit Pal Singh :

Daft Punk Toy Face II by Amrit Pal Singh
Daft Punk Toy Face II by Amrit Pal Singh

Toy Faces NFTs are created by Amrit Pal Singh. He is a visual artist, 3D illustrator, and art director who has a great passion for play and world cinema. He also makes NFT Toys

 Toy Face NFTs are “Nostalgia-driven non-generative portraits created one at a time”. They include some toy portraits of the popular characters and peoples across the world. These characters make people feel nostalgic. Mostly the characters are from world cinema. These NFTs are available in the OpenSea, Foundation and Superrare.

The highest priced Toy Face NFT at present is Tin Man Toy Face. It is available in Foundation for a price of 50 ETH, which is approximately 77000 USD. Daft Punk Toy Face II has the highest selling price of any Toy Face NFT. It was sold for 8ETH which is approximately 12400 USD. Toy Faces NFT has a floor price of 0.28 ETH, and has total trade volume of 101 ETH.

Here you can find Amrit Pal Singh’s  Arts. 

Metavoice by Abhishek Bhaskar :

Abhishek Bhaskar is Indian Beatboxer and Architect . He is known for his exceptional Beatboxing skills, which he has been pursuing professionally since 12years. Abhishek is the founder of B for beatboxing, which is India’s First and leading beatbox live workshop company. He is also the founder of DERT Lab, which is focused on architecture. 

Meta Voice NFT by Abhishek Bhaskar
Meta Voice NFT by Abhishek Bhaskar

Metavoice meaning; Meta-digital Voice-Human voice. It combines Beatboxing with architecture in visual form. Metavoice is the world’s first Beatbox Generated digital asset. It represent beatboxing in visual form by which the artist wants hearing-impaired people to  be able to experience and appreciate the beatboxing. Metavoice is a research based NFT, where technical details of sound; such as amplitude frequency etc have been shown in visual form. 

Currently there are only 3 Arts listed on the WazirX platform. His art was sold for as high as 3200 USD. Fastest sold art being sold under 1 minute. Metavoice NFTs are available on WazirX.  Metavoice is One of the few unique NFTs that has a vision.

Here you can find Abhishek Bhaskar’s Arts. 

Top selling NFTs by Karan Kalra :

Organized Chaos - Delhi by Karan Kalra
Organized Chaos – Delhi by Karan Kalra

Karan Kalra is a master of various techniques and methods of Animation, VFX, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Illustration and Graphic Design. He is well-known for his artistic and creative works all over the world because of his abilities in animation, painting, sculpting, illustration, and other fields.

Blockchain Bharat: NFTs”, which are based on the 2000 INR note, are one of Karan Kalra’s NFTs. Also he has created many other NFTs. His most popular NFT being “Bazaar” which was sold for 1.5 ETH which is around 2400 USD. At present the same NFT is listed for sale at a price of 15 ETH which is highest among his NFTs. 

Here you can find Karan Kalra’s Arts. 

Mythbit Collectibles NFT by Ayush Gaur : 

Dr. Ayush Gaur is a doctor and front line corona warrior. He is also a passionate NFT artist who is redefining the Mythological arts through web3. He is known for his work through ‘Davincistore’. His work is available in Wazirx. 

MythBit NFTs are 3D voxel representations of Indian mythological figures. There are several figures from Indian mythology, including those from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and other Indian ancient texts. Mythbit NFTs, the 3D models of mythological characters represent the story of the characters such as Rama, Ravana Krishna. 

Mythbit collectibles are available for a wide range of price. The highest price being “Mythbit Dashavatara : Lord Narasimha”. It is available for 9 BNB which is approximately 2300 USD.

Here you can find Ayush Gaur’s Arts. 

Caged NFTs by Siraj Hassan :

Caged NFT by Siraj Hassan
Caged NFT by Siraj Hassan

Siraj Hassan explains themselves as “3D abstract artist who loves minimalism.” He is a computer engineer and he is known for his nft artworks known as “Cagednft”. 

Siraj Hassan launched a series of glass jar-oriented art pieces called “caged”. It includes small trees and people trapped in glass bell cloches. These arts were made at the time of pandemic lockdown, to manage his mental health and loneliness. The Caged collection of artworks features a variety of topics, colors, and items. Every Caged edition is 1/1. 

Caged NFT arts has a floor price of 0.4 ETH. The highest sold price of single Caged NFT is 0.89 ETH which is around 1400 USD. Other NFTs are also listed for similar prices. These caged NFTs are growing in popularity day by day. His work is available at Opensea and Foundation.

Here you can find Siraj Hassan’s Arts. 

NFTs by Khyati Trehan :

Khyati Trehan graduated from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in the year 2014. At Adweek’s Creator Visionary Awards, she was selected as the Artistry Creator of the Year. She is known for her NFT arts. Her work has been featured in popular publications. 

Eco Therapy NFT by Khyati Trehan
Eco Therapy NFT by Khyati Trehan

Her NFTs are 3D models of abstract things, nature, colors and stories. These NFTs include unique colorful animated 3D models. 

One of Khyati’s NFT known as Ecotherapy was sold for 2.86 ETH which is approximately 4500 USD dollars. Most of her NFTs are sold for similar prices. Her work is available in Foundation.

Here you can find Khyati Trehan’s Arts. 

NFTs by Shreya Daffney :

Bhootas NFT by Shreya Daffney
Bhootas NFT by Shreya Daffney

Shreya Daffney is an architect and artist. She is from a coastal town in Karnataka, Udupi. Shreya has secured first rank in architecture. She is known for her arts. Her arts blend culture and creativity.

Her NFTs ‘Bhootas’ showcase the tradition, culture and beliefs of her town. It features Gods who protect the town and its peoples who uphold justice and nobility. Apart from that, her other NFTs are categorized as Benches and Genesis. 

Her NFTs are sold for impressive amounts. One of Shreya Daffney’s NFT known as “Melting Cities” sold for 2150 WRX which is approximately 550 USD. The most costliest being 2500 USD, one of Bhootas series NFT.

Here you can find Shreya Daffney’s Arts. 

Top Selling NFTs by Sneha Chakraborty :

Sneha Chakraborty is a one of India’s leading Female Street Artist and NFT artist. She is the first Indian to display artworks by AR+NFT in a gallery. She has listed her Paintings as NFTs in Wazirx.

AMEYAA by Sneha Chakraborty
AMEYAA by Sneha Chakraborty

Sneha Chakraborty communicates with the audience through her paintings. Each artwork has its own story. These NFTs grabbed the attention of thousands of art lovers across the world. 

Her Artworks are available in WazirX platform. At present one of her NFT is listed for 9999 WRX which is approximately 2500 USD. It is titled “SASI”.

Here you can find Sneha Chakraborty Arts. 

Soul curry arts NFT by Ishita Banerjee :

Imprisoned NFT by Ishita Banerjee
Imprisoned NFT by Ishita Banerjee

Ishita Banerjee is a classical, fine artist, with a Bachelors in Fine Arts degree in Applied Arts and a Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) in Communication Design. She tells the story of people, of time, and of the human connection between the land, nature, and its inhabitants through her works.

Ishita Banerjee explains her art as “an assimilation of my life experiences, merging imagination & association to create vivid & bold abstracts, people, faces & non-traditional portraiture, rendered in strong color, motifs & details.”

Most costly NFT of Soul curry arts as of this day is “In My Head”, which costs about 38000 WRX which is 9200 USD. So far, the highest selling price of an art is 3313 WRX which is 808 USD. Many of the other NFTs were also sold for similar pricing. Soul curry Arts NFTs are available on Wazirx. 

Here you can find Ishita Banerjee’s Arts. 

Final Thoughts on Top Selling NFTs by Indian Artists:

India is known for its diversity. Coincidentally, top NFTs also reflect the same. The NFT community is also growing with each passing minute. Undoubtedly, in future more artists are anticipated to join the NFT movement in addition to these top selling artists. However, it is also anticipated that community support will continue to expand. 

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