Top NFT Photographers 2022: NFT Photography

Top NFT Photographers 2022

NFT Photography has been on the rise recently. They are gradually becoming popular as well as familiar in the NFT world. It’s time for us to know about NFT Photography. Also, we will discuss about “Top NFT photographers 2022”.

What is NFT Photography?

Almost anything can be converted into an NFT. Similarly, NFT photography is nothing but NFTs of Photos captured by photographers and sold on the NFT marketplace. It is similar to any other NFT arts. So, The artists will upload their NFTs to the marketplace and put them up for sale. These are verifiable and also traded like any other NFT.

Can you sell pictures as NFT Photography?

Yes, you can sell the your pictures as NFTs. They can be in any category or format or quality. Like any other art, you can convert your picture into a NFT. To sell your NFT, All you need to do is to list them in a marketplace for sale. Further, read How To Create Polygon NFTs For Free for more information.

Top NFT Photographers 2022:

Photography community is one of the vast communities in the world. And also it is hard to compare one NFT photographer to another. So, in this article we will be discussing some of the popular and top selling NFT artists. This list does not convey any rank or order. Therefore, let us know who are the Top NFT Photographers of the year 2022.

Following are the Top NFT Photographers 2022

  • Justin Aversano
  • Isaac Wright
  • Trey Ratcliff
  • Eric Rubens
  • Dave Krugman

Hence, Let us know more about Top NFT Photographers and their NFTs. 

Justin Aversano:

Justin Aversano is one of the most popular NFT Photographers in the world. He is one of the first NFT photographers. Also he is the owner of Quantum Art, an NFT marketplace with a focus on photography. 

Top NFT Photographers 2022
Twin Flames by Justin Aversano

Justin Aversano’s famous projects include

  • Cognition
  • Every Day is a Gift
  • Smoke and Mirrors 
  • Twin Flames

In honor of his fraternal twin, he captured 100 sets of twins for the project “Twin Flames”. It is his most popular NFT project. He started this project with the aim of creating a body of work that would emphasize multiple births. And also the phenomenon of twindom through an immersive portrait survey.

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Isaac Wright:

Isaac Wright, an NFT photographer who goes by the name “Driftershoots”. Drift is a former paratrooper turned “urban explorer”. He specializes in aerial photos. Moreover, he climbs extreme high altitudes to produce his surreal images. 

Top NFT Photographers 2022
Where My Vans Go by Drifter Shoots

Isaac Wright’s most successful collections are “First Day out” and “Where My Vans Go”.

“Where My Vans Go” is a compilation of 125 classic photographs taken around the United States during a three-year period. This series is a representation of the journey that shaped him into the person and artist. Moreover, DrifterShoots claims that this compilation embodies every aspect of human struggle and development. He believes “If you never climb, you never see the view”.

Trey Ratcliff:

Trey Ratcliff Drop

Trey Ratcliff is a prominent fine artist featured by the Smithsonian. He has sold millions of dollars worth of tangible artwork to collectors which include knights, athletes, and prominent figures like Edward Norton and Leonardo DiCaprio.

His popular collections include “Beautiful Cities of the World” and “Trey Cliff Drop 1”. Further, these collections have received a notable response from the NFT lovers.

Eric Rubens:

He is a photographer and videographer from Southern California who likes to travel. He has a following of over 457k on his Instagram channel. In addition, his Instagram channel has been the Top Instagram Travel Account. 

His most popular NFT projects are “Great Escape” and “Ocean Intersection Photography”. 

Ocean Intersection is a collection of 50 images. This Collection features a beautiful intersection of surfer and ocean. Also, These collections have almost all been sold out. Thus proving how well-liked his art is.

Dave Krugman:

Dave Krugman is a freelance writer, photographer, and social media strategist from Brooklyn. 

His most famous NFT collection is “Drive”. Drive is a collection of 111 – 1/1 vehicles. These pictures were shot over the course of 10 years through Street Photography. Additionally, this collection has different tiers for different pictures.

Top NFT Photographers 2022
Drive by Dave Krugman

Final words on NFT Photographers:

If you love enjoying photography then you should consider checking these NFTs. To conclude, these photographers have some of the best photography NFTs. Moreover, they cover a wide range of categories.

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