Pudgy Penguins: What are Pudgy Toys?

“Welcome to Pudgy Penguins. We are our penguins, and our penguins are us”.

Pudgy penguin NFTs have seen a surge in their sales, after they announced their toys lineup. Where Web2 world will meet Web3 world. The NFTs are currently listed on Opensea. 

What are Pudgy Penguins?

Pudgy Penguins are NFTs on Ethereum blockchain. “Each Pudgy Penguin was created to maximize the vibe”.

Pudgy penguins are a collection of 8888 NFTs on Ethereum Blockchain. They have a floor price of 2.35 ETH. It has traded a total volume of more than 57k ETH. It is now owned by nearly 4500 unique owners. 

Pudgy Penguins Toys lineup:

On August 11, the Pudgy Penguins announced their Pudgy Toys Line-up. Total of 16 toys are announced so far. These Toys will be IRL toys (In Real Life). The toys will be sent physically to the selected NFT holders in real life. The brand announced it through twitter. They have received a positive response from their community. Even the prices of its NFTs showed an impressive rise. 

These toys are created with the association of PMI toys. PMI toys, the rapidly growing business known for creating toys based on video games like Among Us, Gang Beasts, and Brawl Stars.

This announcement has marked one more step towards Web3 application in the real world. In recent days, many of the NFT creators are going towards the integration of Web3 and Web2 world. therefore, people can enjoy the NFTs in real form. Recently Tiffany and Co. had sold out their jewelry NFTs (NFTiff), where Pixelated CryptoPunk NFTs were printed on its pendants. Each NFTs were sold for 30 ETH. 

According to data from OpenSea, the collection sold 252 ETH (roughly $466,000) in the following 24 hours. It marked a 370% increase from the day prior. The brand was going through Ups and Downs for the past few months. However, with the recent announcement of IRL toys and ‘PenguPins’, the brand has made a comeback.

What are Lil Pudgys?

LilPudgys are a collection of 22,222 randomly generated NFTs minted on Ethereum blockchain. For the first 8888 Lil Pudgys, Pudgy Penguin owners received preference. The project is an expansion of the group’s original project ‘Pudgy Penguins’. Lil Pudgys currently have around 6.4k owners. It has a floor price of 0.17 ETH. 

What are penguPins?

‘penguPins’ are the 2nd soulbound tokens of Pudgy Penguins after ‘truePengu’ token. A penguPin has been delivered to each wallet of the individuals who are licensing their penguins for their physical toy deal with PMI Toys. A total of 16 penguPins have already airdropped.

Soulbound tokens are absolutely permanent and non-transferable NFTs. They cannot be transferred or removed from your personal blockchain wallet.

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