MeetMrTwo’s NFT collection and inspirations

Above: MeetMrTwo’s Miss Playful NFT (Copyright © MeetMrTwo, 2022)


MeetMrTwos’s unique art style and his artwork inspirations!

After speaking to MeetMrTwo, we managed to find out more about his journey in the web3 space and the inspirations behind his work. Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway with MeetMrTwo on our twitter page!


Tell me more about yourself and your interests!

My name is Songmuang Chuaynukoon or you can call me Song. I’m currently working as a freelance
illustrator based in Bangkok, Thailand. I am interested in manga, machines, retro games, and antique items!

Above: MeetMrTwo’s The difference we share NFT (Copyright ©MeetMrTwo, 2022)


When did you start getting into NFTs?

It was around a year ago (June 2021) that I started getting into NFTs and I have never looked back since!


What inspired you to launch your first NFT collection?

A group of Thai artists who had started a NFT community had inspired me to launch my first NFT collection. Initially, I was very unsure what exactly were NFTs, that term was foreign to me. However, I realised that the potential for NFTs are limitless and we are still new in the space. NFT artists are able to have full ownership of their artworks and are provided with full autonomy over it. Furthermore, NFT artists are able to earn royalties from the sales of their artworks, generating a form of passive income. Once I realised the potential NFTs have, I decided to mint my first art piece.


Above: MeetMrTwo’s Skate Spirit of Youth NFT (Copyright © MeetMrTwo, 2022)


Where did you get your inspiration for your work from?

I typically get inspirations for my work from the experiences I faced throughout my life and the feelings I have at that moment. Additionally, I also get inspiration from my childhood such as toys, games and stories or lores I heard as a child. Furthermore, I like to look at antique items like old toys, ancient remains, and cultures from around the world to gain inspirations for my work.

Tell me something that most people do not know about NFTs

The NFT space is so much more than just 2D and 3D artworks. The possibilities with blockchain technology are endless with games, movies and various items! 

Moving forward, what’s the direction you plan to take with regard to your NFT collections?

Personally, my plan is quite simple. I plan to continue adding value to my artwork by improving my skills,
quality, and reputation in the NFT space. This not only positively affects my collectors and supporters, but also allows me to improve myself and grow as an NFT artist!

Above: MeetMrTwo’s Party Real NFT (Copyright ©MeetMrTwo, 2022)

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