McGoblin Burgers by GoblinTown NFT

wekm ta mcGoblinBURRGR, i TAK UR ORDRR?

The McGoblin Burgers is a continuation of the viral Goblin Town NFT Collection that was released recently. As of 5 June 2022, the floor price of each burger was around 5.47 ETH on OpenSea. However, as of 14 June 2022, prices have since dropped to 0.005 ETH. To convert to cash means a price drop from 6600 USD to 6 USD in the span of 9 days. Truly, a shocking fall considering the success of the Goblin Town NFT Collection. It seems that these burgers are somewhat related to the Goblin Town NFT Collection since only Goblin owners can claim the Burgers. People have since identified the similarity to the BAYC and MAYC NFT Collections, where burning a serum allows a Bored Ape to transform into a Mutant Ape. This is also why many people speculate that Yuga Labs, BAYC and MAYC’s creator, might be involved in the creation of this new collection. 

Functions of the McGoblin NFT Collection

As of now, we know that there are functions for Goblin owners to interact with these burgers. Owners can customise their toppings, mint and burn their burger, and create their burger’s unique metadata. They’re all in Goblin language though, so let’s try to decipher what each command means.

“esemblSNAK”, “esemblSNAKfordaking”

This command sounds like ‘assemble snack’. As the name suggests, this function allows the Goblin owner to pick the toppings for their burger. You can choose up to 6 toppings per burger. In order to be eligible, you have to first own a Goblin from the Goblin Town NFT Collection. The function ‘esemblSNAKfordaking’ allows the owner of the Goblin King to get a free McGoblin Burgers without having to mint it. This is probably a benefit for those who paid the extra price for this rare item early on. To see what it’s like to create your own McGoblin Burger, have a look at this video!


As per the slang ‘nom’ which means to eat, this function allows Goblin owners to consume (burn) their Burger. ‘NOMZ’ will take place on a separate contract, and spectators expect this to cause a change to the original Goblins. On this separate contract though, the results of “NOMZ” are shown to be “mek eet sumday” (make it someday). We’ll just have to wait and see what developers decide to do with this burning.

code for function NOMZ for McGoblin Burgers
code for function NOMZ for McGoblin Burgers


Turning the fryer on as though preparing to cook, this function enables burger minting. McGoblin Burgers can be minted for free, just like the Goblin Town NFT Collection. This function is already working, and MCGoblin owners are already listing their burgers on OpenSea. As of 14 June 2022, prices range from 0.001 ETH to 1 ETH.

Utilipee and oopsie

These terms will appear when trying to create a burger’s metadata. ‘Utilipee’ sounds similar to ‘utility’. We guess that once the burger has its own unique metadata, owners of the Goblin contract might be able to access exclusive items which could value-add to the Goblins owned. 

For a burger to have its unique metadata, 2 conditions must be met. First, your goblin must not have an ‘oopsie’. An Oopsie is set by the contract owner and we do not know what are the conditions required to bypass this. Second, ‘Utilipee’ must be enabled by using ‘makeUtilipee’ to make the Utilipee variable true. If the goblin has an “oopsie”  your metadata will reflect that regardless of your chosen ingredients. If ‘Utilipee’ is disabled, your metadata is determined by stringing all of your toppings together.

Here’s the exciting thing though, if the goblin does not have an oopsie and Utilipee is enabled, each burger will have a unique metadata. We are just as curious as you to find out what happens after the Burger is consumed, and we can’t wait to see the revival of the McGoblin NFT Collection.


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