Lady Ape NFT Collection

What is the Lady Ape NFT Collection?

The Lady Ape NFT Collection is a collection curated by the TNC Group. It’s art style is highly inspired by the chart-topping Bored Apes Yacht Club. Its formation was inspired by the lack of female presence in chart-topping NFT Collections. Although the TNC Group is not related to the Bored Apes Yacht Club or Yuga in any way, the collection does share common characteristics with the BAYC collection by Yuga: each lady ape has unique facial expressions, and accessories and garments, very similar to their male counterparts. Even the commercial rights of lady ape holders are similar to those of BAYC, where holders have full ownership and commercial use rights over their LAC NFTs.

How the LAC NFT Collection was sold

on 18 July 2022, 9000 out of the 10000 LAC NFT Collection was sold on the STRMNFT marketplace. Out of the remaining 1000, 90 special apes were auctioned off the next day and all sold out on the same day. As of the time of writing, the floor price of this collection is 1.62 ETH on OpenSea, which is approximately 2800 USD.

Sample prices of the Lady Ape NFTs on OpenSea
Sample prices of the Lady Ape NFTs on OpenSea

In order to gain further attention, these female apes are to be distributed to different members of the larger NFT community. 10 will be given especially to the LAC creators, 100 to influencers to spread awareness of this new collection, and another 100 are to be airdropped to current BAYC owners. 100 people currently holding BAYCs will each receive 1 lac for free. There also seems to be an opportunity for BAYC holders to mate their apes with the lady apes, thereby breeding baby apes. 

The Lady Ape Club home page also features female ape #0’s relationship with bored ape #5668 as well as the image of a baby ape: while the lac nft collection claims to not be affiliated with yuga, it seems that the lac nft collection is leveraging on BAYC’s success to bring traction to their own collection. 

A family of apes on the Lady Ape Collection Home Page featuring Bored Ape #5668 and Lady Ape #0
A family of apes on the Lady Ape Collection Home Page featuring Bored Ape #5668 and Lady Ape #0

Utilities that the Lady Ape Club Offers

There are various Utilities that this NFT Collection offers, which are all available on the LAC home page. However, there are 2 utilities that are more significant than the others.

In order to retain the attention to the LAC, the utility that is provided can only be used with regard to the LAC. LAC’s unique token is the diamond, which has no real market outside the LAC. However, LAC NFT holders can use these diamonds to purchase items from the LAC shop.  

Furthermore, previous holders of BAYC stand a chance to receive 1 LAC for free. These people will be the 100 people that are current BAYC holders. These holders who receive the LAC will also automatically be rewarded with Super DNA. With Super DNA, LAC holders who breed the Lady Ape with a Bored Ape have a higher chance of breeding high-tier Baby Apes.

There are various items in the lac roadmap, but not all of them have had their prices determined. We are just as excited as you to find out how this collection will grow.

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