A Guide to Opensea Pro

Opensea is one of the most reputable and well acknowledged NFT Marketplaces in the market. Since its launch, OpenSea has stood as a respected brand at the top of Web3, promoting and facilitating easy NFT minting and trading (buying and selling). In April 2022, OpenSea purchased Gem in order to strengthen and reaffirm its commitment. It later transformed Gem into the “OpenSea Pro” marketplace. Basically, this involves introducing consumers to a new pro-aligned platform with a powerful on-board aggregator. Here is our guide to Opensea Pro.

What is Opensea Pro?

OpenSea Pro is an NFT marketplace aggregator created primarily for high-volume consumers and dealers. You can browse listings from over 170 NFT marketplaces, including OpenSea, using OpenSea Pro.

OpenSea Pro has the most optimised gas fees of any NFT aggregator; it also contains realtime, cross-marketplace data. Additionally It offers comprehensive inventory management tools that make purchasing and listing things in bulk simple. You may also use OpenSea Pro to mint NFTs, avoiding potentially harmful third-party websites or contracts.

Opensea Pro is supported in mobile devices as well

Features of Opensea Pro 

Advanced Portfolio Management

Opensea Pro helps its users to easily manage their portfolios across different marketplaces. They can buy, sell, and transfer NFTs across many marketplaces with ease.

Advanced Order Feature

This tool adds a layer of versatility and customization to OpenSea Pro users. Users can customize their listing and purchasing experience by establishing orders based on attributes, maximum price, number of items (NFTs), market, and other factors.

Swift trading at the best price!

This enables Pro users to sell their NFT items for the best price possible by comparing bids or offers across multiple marketplaces and selling them to the best offer. 

Optimised Gas Fees

OpenSea Pro has an efficient gas-optimized smart contract, which allows users to make offers and list NFTs from OpenSea Pro for 0% fees.

Cross-Marketplace Data in Real Time

Opensea Pro provides customers with real-time data updates from various marketplaces. Users can access real-time information about trending collections, trading volume, floor price, mints, number of owners, listed NFTs and more across several marketplaces. You can check out the  marketplaces available on opensea pro here. 

How to use Opensea Pro?

You can access Opensea Pro using this link https://pro.opensea.io/ 

How to connect your wallet to Opensea Pro?

Click on the Connect Wallet button on the top right corner. Then, a pop up will appear. You can proceed to select your wallet and connect it to your profile. (we are using Meta mask for demonstration)

Once you select your wallet you can click “next” and then “Connect” to connect your Wallet to Opensea Pro. 

Meta mask will ask you to type in your password before connecting to the Opensea Pro.

You can choose between “Pro” and “Collector” view. Also, you can select light or dark themes/modes. Press on “LFG” to continue to Opensea Pro Homepage. 

Final words on Opensea Pro

Opensea is one of the most reputable NFT Marketplaces. It has played a major role in NFT building NFT Community and its growth. With the launch of Opensea pro it has taken one more step towards advancing into the advancement of NFT Community, which is helping the numeros NFT collectors and artists worldwide. Opensea pro is the top NFT aggregator, supporting 172 NFT marketplaces.

Hope you found our Guide on Opensea Pro useful!

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