Sorare: Web3 for Fantasy Sports

People enjoy collecting stuff for far too many reasons to list them all. If you can obtain it, someone is in the business of collecting whatever it is. But not everyone is driven to fill entire rooms—or cryptocurrency wallets—with large collections without having a specific way to engage with them in mind. Sorare is now the Web3 for Fantasy Sports.

That experience is doubly true in the case of NFTs. NFTs’ interactivity is frequently constrained to what their designer intended. That typically correlates to NFT utility, especially outside of the blockchain gaming industry. What if an NFT collectible was created with play and interactivity in mind? This is what Sorare intends to do.

What is Sorare?

In Sorare, users construct “fantasy” professional sports teams in the role of general managers using NFT cards that represent the current athlete rosters in each sport. This is not an experience similar to a professional athlete version of the Pokémon trading card game. This is more of an interactive experience meant to increase a sports fan’s enjoyment of a season than it is a “game.” As a result, managing a virtual team and competing against other players for points to see who could put together the statistically strongest team make up the majority of the gameplay loop.

Sorare offers sports enthusiasts an experience that blends trading cards and fantasy leagues. These are two of the most popular hobbies built on top of professional sports leagues, through its innovative format.

How does Sorare work?

Users acquire players for their fantasy teams through the purchase of unique NFT cards rather than through a draft. These cards also function as NFTs, enabling real-time recording of player performance, which serves as the foundation for each player’s Player Score (PS) on any given day. This is determined using each athlete’s statistical data collected while they are competing in the sport in the real world. Additionally, users have the option to use Card Scores (CS), which award bonuses and potentially raise any given athlete’s PS enough to push a user over the edge and into a favorable position. Additionally, it is also to further push the statistical value of the cards they possess.

A user can select a few of their players to compete against other users when they’re ready to test the strength of their squad. They are also to be collecting in-game points for each win.

Web3 for Fantasy Sports
Sorare for LaLiga

The NFT cards that players acquire are likewise divided according to rarity, with common-tier cards being freely available for those who want to give Sorare a try before spending any money on it. Players receive sets of common card packs as gifts. This happens when they sign up for a Sorare account and join one of its leagues. These can be used to fill out their starting lineup. That means you probably won’t get a LeBron card right soon if you want to check out, say, Sorare’s NBA products. However, you could run into a Westbrook.

New Meta for Sports Fans

Sorare as the Web3 for Fantasy Sports is made to provide more than just a single sport’s fan following. Sorare’s development started with licensing agreements with various European soccer teams. However, its reach has since quickly grown to include other sports. Currently, Sorare has specific modes for lovers of baseball, soccer, and basketball.

The game has also been able to draw some of the biggest names in sports as investors. This is due to its continued development and success. Athlete investors in Sorare so far include tennis legend Serena Williams and soccer legend Lionel Messi. The number is more likely to increase as the game keeps getting bigger and better.

Web3 for Fantasy Sports
Serena Williams joins Sorare

But why is it important that the platform for Web3 for Fantasy Sports is present in the world? Simply put, it offers a glimpse into the possibilities that await everyone in the area, including sports lovers. Even though many people may not find the idea of truly owning digital assets to be significant, sports fans stand to gain the most from this new paradigm. You can only hang up so many Steph Curry posters. However, your crypto wallet can theoretically hold a limitless number of them!

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