“Not That Rich Asia” NFT Collection by Mrkelinci

Mrkelinci’s Not That Rich Asia (NTRA) NFT Collection aims to inspire Asian children boys to strive for their dream and never give up!


We spoke to Mrkelinci to find out more about his inspiration behind the Not That Rich Asia NFT Collection. 

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Tell us more about yourself and the Not That Rich Asia (NTRA) NFT collection.

I am currently a digital designer focusing on illustrations, concepts and visual development. I have a strong passion for drawing and my past works include creating illustration books, logos, concept art, merchandise and much more!

The “Not That Rich Asia” Collection consists of 555 unique hand-drawn “Not That Rich Asian Boys”, with big dreams and aspirations. Its design aims to resonate with young Asian boys in hopes of inspiring them to work toward their dream.

Above: Not That Rich Asia’s NFT collection (Gundam NTRA) Copyright © Mrkelinci, 2021)
When did you start getting into NFTs?

I only started getting into NFTs in December 2021 as I wanted to promote my art globally. I believe that moving forward NFTs, are the future for artists! It helps to make one’s artwork exclusive and more appreciated.

What inspired you to launch the Not That Rich Asia (NTRA) NFT collection?

My inspiration is derived from my growth! I was a young boy, not well-to-do, but worked hard to eventually live my dream of being a digital artist. I hope that this NFT collection serves as an inspiration to all young Asian boys to not give up on their dreams and dare to dream big!

Above: Not That Rich Asia’s NFT collection (Mecha NTRA) Copyright © Mrkelinci, 2021)
Where did you get inspiration for your work from?

I got the inspiration for my work through collaborating with different artists and clients in my art studio. Working with these creative people helped me hone my own art style and eventually apply it to the NTRA collection.

Moving forward, what direction will the “Not That Rich Asia” (NTRA) NFT collection be taking?

The Not That Rich Asia’s (NTRA) NFT Collection is currently in phase 1, with 100 unique hand-drawn NTRA boys on the Polygon Chain! There will also be 10 exclusive legendary NTRA boys. Moving forward I am open to more collaborations as well as giving the NTRA community special perks and utilities. 

Above: Not That Rich Asia’s NFT collection (Drop 1). (Copyright © Mrkelinci, 2021)