Midjourney V5.2 is out! What’s new?

Midjourney V5.2 is the latest and most advanced model, released in June 2023. To use this model, type the –v 5.2 parameter or use the /settings command in the discord’s Midjourney server to select it.

Compared to earlier models, this model produces sharper, more detailed results, as well as better colors, contrast, and compositions. It is more responsive to the full range of the –stylize parameter.

Zoom out feature in MJ V5.2

With Midjourney V5.2, users can now zoom out, alter the image’s aspect ratio, and even modify the prompt during zooming. The zoom out function is similar to the out-painting feature of other AI platforms. It basically enlarges the generated image which shows us a more wider surrounding and larger aspect.

midjourney 5.2 zoom in feature
Source: Twitter

Midjourney claims that V5.2 also has a new “Aesthetics System” that makes images look sharper and more appealing. This AI image engine can now generate images that are more relevant to text thanks to improved text understanding.

vibrant colors - midjourney 5.2
Vibrant landscapes on MJ V5.1 Vs V5.2 (Generated using same prompts)
high contrast on midjourney 5.2

What is Vary in MJ V5.2?

The “—stylize” command, which controls stylization of an image, has a stronger effect now. The value ranges from 0 to 1000.

As a result of the increased variety of image suggestions, Midjourney says that you may need to run the same command more than once to get the desired result. By default, “High Variation Mode” offers more images for a single prompt.

What is Shorten in MJ V5.2?

There is a new option called “/shorten” which analyses the written prompt and let you know which word in your prompt is the least effective and which words holds the more weightage. So accordingly it will give you a more optimistic result in a shorter length.

You will get up-to 5 different prompt options and you can try out the ones that suit you better. Since V5.2 is in the test phase, it’s too early to say how effectively this works. We tried it and the results were not completely accurate, but it works pretty decent!

Here is the original prompt and the shortened one, just to get you an idea in the difference between the two.

Prompt: Envision a packaging design that awakens the senses and transports the consumer to a thrilling mid-journey experience. Consider a combination of bold colors, eye-catching graphics, and an innovative structural design that not only safeguards the product but also amplifies its appeal. Explore elements that evoke wanderlust, such as subtle map motifs, compass-inspired patterns, or illustrations of iconic landmarks that hint at the exciting voyage within each package. Your design should strike the perfect balance between modern aesthetics and the traditional charm of this beloved snack. –s 250

/shorten: Envision a packaging design, senses, consumer, journey, Consider, bold colors, catching, structural, safeguards, amplifies, evoke wanderlust

So go and explore the latest version of the Midjourney. We can’t wait what the V6 is going to come up with. Enjoy creating images and happy prompting.

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