Interview with AI Artist Dark Angels Blood, Sofiya

AI Art has been one of the revolutionary changes in the Artworld this year. It’s still a mystery for most of the people around the world. Luckily, we got a chance to get insights from one of the finest AI Artists on Presenting you the exclusive interview of AI Artist Dark Angels Blood, Sofiya.

Interview with AI Artist Dark Angels Blood, Sofiya
AI Art by Dark Angels Blood

Tell us a little about yourself

Hello, my name is Sofiya, also known as Dark Angels Blood. I was born in 2002 and I started creating AI-generated illustrations using “Stable Diffusion” in February 2023. Since childhood I was fond of creativity, drawing, dancing, modeling with clay and plasticine. In art school, I especially liked graphic art and oil painting. I really like different mythology and fantasy.

What made you explore AI Art?

My friend showed me her work and I was surprised that they were ai art. She suggested I install the necessary software and boom here I am.

Tell us more about your artstyle

I think I’m still looking for my own style. I originally wanted to make pictures in a dark fantasy style, but the Challenges I often take part in gave me more freedom and imagination. In my work you can often see angels, demons and spheres of water.

Interview with AI Artist Dark Angels Blood, Sofiya
Geometric shapesAI Art by Dark Angels Blood

How do you ensure to make the best quality artworks in your style?

This usually happens by trial and error. Some words are recognized better, while the others are worse. Some give interesting combinations. Usually I sit and go through the words in prompt to get the image I want.

Pastel balloons AI Art by Dark Angels Blood

What hurdles did you face while engaging with Artificial Intelligence?

I work in Stable Diffusion, it’s pretty bad at generating hands, but sometimes it still works. Also I could not generate cyclops haha. Some queries give amazing results, while others need to work even harder.

What is the inspiration behind your artwork and creations?

I’m often inspired by unusual combinations, things that don’t immediately come to mind – for example, for the camouflage theme I made a yellow cape and bees, haha. I’m also inspired by the work of various AI artists. Their nice words about my work give me motivation.

What are your opinions on the future of AI Art in the creative world?

What you can create with ai is really amazing. Some images are indistinguishable from real photos. I think there will be many collaborations with brands. I can already see people printing pictures created by ai on t-shirts, notebooks and other things.

AI Art by Dark Angels Blood

What advice would you give to aspiring AI artists who are just starting out in the field?

Don’t dwell on mistakes. Mistakes are experience. Don’t doubt yourself and don’t be sad that you don’t get enough likes yet. Do what you really like and you will find your audience.

Will AI Art replace artists?

An artist always creates something new. I think that all artists who do not create something new, but plagiarize, will be out of a job. AI in creative affairs is devoid of abstract thinking and can serve as an assistant and generator of new ideas for creativity.

Maybe we are standing on the threshold of a new profession: the neuroartist. This is someone who not only knows how to communicate with AI in a language he understands in order to get predictable results, but also someone who knows in what cases which neural network to use. Some work well with faces, some can increase image resolution many times without loss of quality, some allow to generate a full image from a thumbnail. You have to choose a tool for the task, there is no one-size-fits-all.

Tell us a little more about your next AI Art endeavors

I want to work more with other people to create collaborative works. I already have some ideas about this, so I’ll leave the intrigue for now ☺ 

AI Artist Dark Angels Blood
AI Art by Dark Angels Blood

Say something you would like to share with the readers!

I’m really glad you’re reading this. It would be great if after reading this some of you decide to try creating images with Ai. But if you prefer to observe I’ll be happy to see you on my instagram account 🙂

What are your thoughts on is a great gallery with cool works by ai artists. gave me great support at the beginning of my journey, tagged me, posted my profile and stories, even offered to do this interview – this is a huge support for me, which I appreciate.

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