Interview with Amazing AI Artist Tea, from Japan

Presenting you the exclusive interview with “Tea” one of the finest AI Artist in . In this article, we’ll be discussing and know the creative process and techniques used by AI Artist Tea in her artworks. You can checkout Tea’s AI Artworks on

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is “tea,” and I started creating AI-generated illustrations using “Stable Diffusion” in March 2023. I am mainly active in Japan and enjoy creating various works ranging from fine art to animation illustrations. Nice to meet you!

What made you explore AI Art?

The catalyst for me was a trivial event when I learned about “Stable Diffusion” on YouTube. Since I had a working PC, I started out of curiosity at first.

Fashion Magazine Cover AI Artwork by Tea

Share us a little about your Artstyle

I don’t have a specific art style. Since I’ve just started, I’m an art beginner who wants to explore various types of art. I particularly like fractal art and zentangle art.

How do you ensure to make the best quality artworks in your style?

I think it’s about merging various learning models created by others in a unique way. Using only the models distributed by Civitai and Hugging Face, it’s difficult to create original artwork. I also believe it’s important to trust my own sense of aesthetics.

What problems did you face while engaging with Artificial Intelligence?

I believe that AI is currently in its infancy. For example, even if you have a mental image of what you want to create, it’s difficult to convey that accurately to the AI and produce a 100% satisfactory result. Additionally, the progress of physical hardware is still developing, so there are many challenges and issues. However, I think we can overcome these problems by evolving alongside AI.

Zentangle by Tea

What is the inspiration/motivation behind your artwork and creations?

Experiencing various people’s artworks and incorporating diverse elements without being trapped by fixed values is important. Also, I believe it’s essential to enjoy the process and never forget the feeling of “liking” what you do.

What are your opinions on the future of AI Art in the creative world?

I believe that AI will bring about unprecedented and highly creative works that have never been seen before. People who were unrelated to art or those with disabilities that prevented them from creating art can now dive into the world of art. This will further develop the world of art.

What advice would you give to aspiring AI artists who are just starting out in the field?

Embrace diversity and don’t be afraid to start from what you can do. You can experience that at “”. Try touching, feeling, and communicating your own image to create your original artwork.

Fractal Art by Tea

Will AI Art replace artists?

I believe AI art is not something to replace, but rather something we can walk alongside and coexist with. Of course, whether it will be accepted or not is up to us humans, but I’m confident we can overcome that.

Tell us a little more about your next AI Art endeavors

I’m still new to the world of art, so I’d like to learn about various art histories, from modern and contemporary to ancient times, and apply them to my work.

Interview with Brilliant AI Artist Tea from Japan

Say something you would like to share with the readers!

The world of AI art has just begun. Until a month ago, I hadn’t even touched it, but in this short period, I’ve had many valuable experiences. This is a wonderful experience for my life. Why don’t you all give it a try? I’d love to see your AI art creations. Let’s enjoy it together!

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What are your thoughts on

I am truly honored to have had this valuable interview experience with “”. I hope it will continue to grow as a community site for the development of AI art, along with AI art itself. Thank you for giving me this precious opportunity to be interviewed.

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