How to create Hyper realistic animals with Midjourney

Creating realistic images of wild animals with Midjourney involves understanding a few basic concepts of photography and details to get the required output. This guide outlines the essential steps, from generating the initial image to the final edits, ensuring clarity and efficiency at each stage. This approach simplifies the creation of life-like animal portrayals without needing advanced artistic skills.

Getting Started with Midjourney

First, sign up for Midjourney and familiarize yourself with its interface. Understanding basic commands and settings is crucial for controlling the output quality and style of your images.

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Since anyone who has generated more than 1,000 images on Midjourney now has access to the alpha version (The website version) of Midjourney, we’ll be using the website to demonstrate these examples. You can follow the same prompt instructions on discord server as well.

Crafting Your Prompt

Effective prompts are key. Include:

Species Details: Be specific about the animal you're depicting.

Environment Context: Describe the setting, including time of day and weather.

Behavior and Pose: Detail the animal's activity or pose.

Artistic Style: If you have a preference, mention the desired style. For example it could be the style of any specific photographer you like or any other styles.

Generating Your Image

Keeping the previous points in mind, let us create the prompt step by step.

Let us consider few of the animals for example. we'll start with a snake and a lion

Prompt 1: Giant anaconda, green eyes, forest background, cinematic shoot, medium close range, ultra realistic, morning light, style raw, --ar 16:9, stylize 300

Here, we have described several aspects of subject.

  • Features of the snake: Giant anaconda and green eyes

  • Background: Forest

  • Camera style and angle: cinematic shot and medium close range

  • Requirements: Ultra realistic

  • Environment/ Lightings: Morning light

  • Style: raw

  • --ar 16:9 - aspect ratio is set to wide angle

  • --stylize 300 - this parameter ranges from 0 to 1000. (Try testing out with different values)

here is the output of the following prompt:

So in this manner, let us try the same with few more examples.

Prompt 2: [black panther] In the middle of the [lush green forest], [rainy] atmosphere

Prompt 3: [Rhinoceros] In the middle of the [lush green forest], golden hour shot

Prompt 4: Zebra In the middle of the forest, straight pose, looking at the camera, --ar 16:9, stylize 600

Prompt 5: Lion; In the middle of the forest, polaroid bokeh golden hour shot, [rainy] atmosphere

Submit your prompt to Midjourney. It will offer several initial options. test out all possible variants and see how the results vary.

Taking example of any of the above prompts, we can further get down and modify certain aspects of the image such as the aspect ratio (--ar) or the upscaling or varying the image to get more version of the image.

Ethical Considerations

Use Midjourney responsibly. Ensure your creations support wildlife conservation and do not misrepresent or exploit animals.

Midjourney simplifies creating realistic wild animal images, offering tools for effective storytelling and conservation efforts. We hope that by following this guide, you can get a hold of using AI to generate impactful wildlife art.

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