How to view and share your BNB NFTs?

In the dynamic world of digital art, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have revolutionized the way we own and trade unique digital assets. With a simple click, NFTs grant artists, collectors, and enthusiasts unprecedented opportunities to express themselves, discover remarkable artworks, and even generate profits. It is no small wonder that NFT owners often take pride in their collections and assets. This article will help you to flex your NFTs with your friends and followers. Here is how you can view and share your BNB NFTs.

How to view and share your BNB NFTs?

Understanding NFTs

Before we get into the flexing, let’s begin with understanding. For those who are less familiar, an NFT is a non-fungible, unique token that is stored as data on a blockchain. There are different standards for how the data is stored, namely the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens, but the basic principles are the same. 

The data is usually first stored elsewhere, and a link to this external data is generated. This link is then stored by the smart contract on the blockchain, so that when we want to retrieve the NFT data, we ask the smart contract for the external link to the data. This data is referred to as “metadata”, so this becomes a term that you will likely see a lot when dealing with NFTs.

To view the full data of an NFT, you can therefore look for its metadata. Otherwise, simply viewing the image or video presented is often enough to gain an appreciation for what the NFT is about.


On the blockchain, we can use an “explorer” to browse the data on the chain. Similarly, we can also use an explorer to find data related to NFTs, in this case, NFTScan. NFTScan helps you to access data on several blockchains, and isolates data relevant to NFT assets for you. 

To begin using, simply start by connecting your wallet, to view your profile. Then, make sure you select the correct chain, for example, “BNB”. After which, NFTScan provides a few tabs for you to switch between and check out your NFTs in. 

Flex your NFTs : How to view and share your NFTs

If you click on a particular NFT, the website shows you all of its relevant details. And if you’d like, you can view the metadata of the token in its raw format as well. The metadata is provided as a hyperlink at the bottom of the details box, like so.

Now then, how can you flex them? How do you get shareable links to your assets? The first thing you can use is a link to individual NFTs. On the NFT page, you should find a button near the top right of the token, that allows you to copy the link to the page. Apart from that, you can also use a link to your overall profile. To get this link, simply navigate back to your profile page, and copy the link of that page. It should read something like “”, followed by your wallet address, which begins with “0x”. 


If not using an explorer, you can also use an NFT marketplace! These marketplaces are great avenues for collectors to view NFTs, and additionally, to trade them for cryptocurrency or for other NFTS.

Niftyzone is one such NFT marketplace, on the BNB chain. To start, connect your wallet to the website through any of the supported providers. Next, click on the top right button to view your own profile.

There, you should find all the NFTs you own. Clicking on any of them opens up a page that shows the details of your NFTs. You can also find a link to the metadata here, located at the bottom of the card that holds your NFT details, like in the example below.

Flex your NFTs : How to view and share your NFTs

Next, to flex your NFT, you can look near the top right, where there is a row of buttons. Apart from the leftmost button, the rest allow you to share the NFT on Twitter, on Telegram, on Facebook, or by just copying the link to the page.

To showcase your profile, first navigate back to your profile page. There, you will find a similar looking row of buttons, and again you can use these buttons to get a link, or share the page directly through other social media.

You can use these links to showcase your NFTs, and Niftyzone is also a great place to begin trading and listing your NFTs, if you are interested in making sales from them.


Another popular NFT marketplace is OpenSea, which is compatible with several blockchains. The steps to navigating OpenSea are similar. First, you connect your wallet, and navigate to your profile page. 

OpenSea displays your NFTs in a table, along with its listing details. But to see more of the NFT itself, click on an NFT, and click on the thumbnail that pops up. Unfortunately, here you cannot access the metadata directly, but you can still find the other details of the NFT at the left tab, like in the image below.

Finally, to share your NFT, there is a “Share” button near the top right, that opens up to give you options like sharing on Twitter, Facebook, or copying the link. There is also a similar button on your profile page, under the banner. It provides the same options for sharing your profile. 

Wrapping Up

That’s all we’ve got to cover for this article! We hope that you have a better understanding of NFTs, and how to appreciate them in their entirety. 

These links that we’ve discussed can be easily accessed by anyone else, without even connecting their wallet. So this makes it convenient even for those who may not have created a cryptocurrency wallet before. With that, we also hope that our findings on how to showcase your NFTs will help you to flex them to your friends, followers, or whomever you wish. 

Also, we did mention a few NFT marketplaces in this article. So if you are interested in trading NFTs and making sales from them, do check out our other on “Trading NFTs: How to list your NFTs for sale”!