The takeover of Google Search by AI is near!

With Google’s new Search Generative Experience (SGE) opt-in feature, the AI takeover of Google Search is underway. A new AI-generated “snapshot” appears at the top of the search results page. It includes links to additional information and shopping options based on your query.

However, If you opt in, a whole new search experience awaits you. Google is moving slowly and carefully to make AI happen.

Improving Search with generative AI

Google Search now features “generative AI capabilities”, so you can learn more about a topic faster, uncover new perspectives and insights, and get things done faster.

Lets take a real life E.g. to see the working of Google AI search; Elizabeth Reid, Google’s VP of Search, opens her laptop to demonstrate. She types the question ‘Why is sourdough bread still so popular?’ into the search box and presses enter. Within moments, the results appear, along with a rectangular orange section that pulses and glows. It reads “Generative AI is experimental”. Soon after, a summary generated by AI appears with information regarding the taste of sourdough as well as its prebiotic advantages. To the right are three links to sites containing related data that Reid deems corroborative.

Google calls this “AI snapshot.” Powered by their large language models, this data is all pulled from the open web. Reid clicks the icon on the top right of the box dubbed “the bear claw” – it resembles a hamburger menu with a vertical line to its left. In response, a new view emerges whereby the AI snapshot is split sentence-by-sentence; links to the sources for each sentence are available underneath.

Source: Google blog

Along with supercharging the Search, it has also improved the overall shopping experience, help users get exactly what they search for by going more deeper and specific. All this while taking a responsible approach.

The company is heavily testing this behind the scenes and is inviting users to try it out now. Anyone with an invite can try the features by registering at Google labs.

Further you can sign up for Google Search Labs beta, and you’ll be notified when your turn comes up.

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