The French Collective become first AI Artists to receive a Gallery Representation

The French Collective, a group of four artists who work with AI, has become the first AI artists to gain a gallery representation. The group comprises of Hugo Caselles-Dupré, Pierre Fautrier, and Thibault Delalande.

Who are The French Collective?

The French Collective comprises a group of four artists – Yacine Ait Kaci, Clement Valla, Pierre Fautrier, and Hugo Caselles-Dupré – who use artificial intelligence (AI) as their primary medium. They manipulate images and videos to create new artworks. The group was formed in 2018 with the aim of exploring the potential of AI to create art.

To date, The French Collective has produced a number of artworks that have been shown in galleries and museums across Europe. In 2019, they became the first AI artists to be represented by a major gallery when they signed with Galerie Charlot in Paris.

The French Collective’s work focuses on the relationship between humans and machines. Additionally, they also focus on how AI is changing our understanding of what it means to be human. Their work raises questions about the future of humanity and the world as we increasingly rely on technology.

French Collective Obvious gains Gallery Representation
French Collective Obvious gains Gallery Representation

What does the Gallery Representation means to AI Art?

The significance of The French Collective becoming the first AI artists to receive gallery representation cannot be understated. For years, AI art has been relegated to the sidelines, with many in the art world dismissing it as nothing more than a gimmick. This all changed when The French Collective’s work was showcased at the prestigious Art Basel Miami Beach in 2017.

Since then, there has been a growing interest in AI art. More and more galleries are starting to represent artists working with artificial intelligence. This is a major breakthrough for the nascent field. It will help legitimize it in the eyes of the art world.

The gallery representation is also important in terms of providing opportunities for AI artists to showcase their work. Until now, most AI art has only been shown online or in small exhibitions. Having a dedicated gallery space will give AI artists a chance to reach a wider audience. This will enable them to have their work seen by more people.

Overall, this is an immensely positive development for AI art and is sure to help it continue its ascent into the mainstream art world.

Is artificial intelligence set to become art’s next medium?

Artificial intelligence is set to become art’s next medium. The Collective has been praised for their use of AI to create art that is both visually stunning and thought-provoking. Their work often tackles social and political issues, and has been featured in a number of international exhibitions.

With the help of AI, the group is able to create works that would otherwise be impossible to create by human hands alone. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for artists and galleries alike. We can expect to see more AI-created artworks in the future as the technology continues to evolve.

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