Netflix Japan Faces Backlash over AI Art in Short Anime -The Boy And The Dog

Netflix Japan is getting criticized all over the internet for their new anime short “The Dog and The Boy”. In a tweet, Netflix Japan has shared the short anime which was made with the help of AI (+Human).

What is The Dog and The Boy – Anime which used AI?

The Dog and The Boy is a short anime about a robot dog that was rescued by a boy, who then goes to fight war leaving behind the dog. Netflix has mentioned in their tweet that the short movie was made using AI due to labor shortage. They have acknowledged that they used AI generation to draw images in the animated short movie.

How AI Art is used in the Netflix Japan’s short anime The Dog and The Boy?

They have shown the steps of making the images in the movie. Initially a rough layout will be hand drawn by artists.Then the image would be processed further with the help of AI in 2 steps. And finally the artists would again give the images final touch.

Netflix Japan Faces Backlash over AI Art in Short Anime -The Boy And The Dog
Steps of making images in anime

It is yet to be revealed who exactly created the short movie. Because, in the credits it mentioned its background designers as “AI (+Human)”. However, the short movie’s AI development company was revealed to be Riana Co., Lt.

Netflix Japan’s statement regarding the isuue:

Netflix Japan took twitter to share the short movie and described its use of AI art generation in The Dog & The Boy’s production as an attempt to reduce an alleged labor shortage in the anime industry.

This made many of the twitter users angry and the netflix has been criticized all over the internet. Some of the users even alleged to the company that there isn’t any labor shortage. Many of the users even alleged that the company is not providing decent working conditions and reasonable pay to the artists.

Social Media Backlash:

Netflix Japan’s post has received thousands of quote retweets and replies, with the general conclusion being that the company’s use of AI art generation to replace human artists is wrong. In recent months, AI art generation has been a sensitive issue, with artists concerned about issues of copyright, theft, and job loss. 

The Netflix Anime Creators’ Base developed The Dog & The Boy, with assistance from Production I.G and Wit Studio. Furthermore, The Netflix Anime Creators’ Base, described as a “community space” at the time of its 2021 launch. It was initially meant to boost Netflix’s anime offerings by generating concept art to assist studios in pre-production.

There is no denying that AI Art is growing rapidly. Furthermore, the effects of AI Art is clearly showing on Art, gaming industry and many more! Ending with a thought – “Modernisation was always opposed by the society, but it always made the world a better place”.

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