Satsuki Ai: “Weekly Playboy” introduces Lingerie AI model

Models in Japan usually use the name “Ai” because it’s short and easy to remember. In addition to being a woman’s name, ai is also the Japanese word for “love,” so the flowery, feminine feeling it conjures up is another way to catch the attention and affection of prospective fans. This is the first lingerie AI model to be featured in the magazine.

Ai Satsuki is the first non-existent professional lingerie model. She posed for “Weekly PlayBoy” in Japan, and she even has her own photo album, which is available in bookstores.

Publisher Shueisha gave the name Ai. But when they named it, they didn’t intend for people to fall in love with it; they named it because it was AI-generated. Satsuki Ai made her first debut as a lingerie AI model by appearing in the latest issue of Japanese Magazine “Weekly Playboy”. This magazine is not related to the American Playboy magazine.

Ai officially listed its height as 157 centimeters (61.8 inches), was born in Tokyo, and enjoys playing video games as a hobby, despite having no physical form. Shueisha has also released a 50-page digital image album for Ai, Umaretate (“Just Born”), along with her appearance in this week’s Weekly Playboy.

On 29th May, Satsuki Ai tweeted, “I have released my electronic photo album. Please check it out.” She followed up with another tweet, “Nice to meet you. I’m Satsuki Ai. I will do my best to make you feel that ‘this is good.’ I hope to chat with everyone someday.

She opened her Twitter account in May 29th, and her first post attracted around 5.5K followers overnight. Currently the account has over 10K followers.

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