Pokemon GO fans disappointed: Did Niantic use AI for Artwork?

Yet another company faces backlash from its customers for the use of AI. Players have accused Niantic of using AI-generated art to promote the new season of Pokemon GO. This is not the first time the gaming company has faced heat. Even though the game is well-known for its ability to let users have the experience of becoming trainers in real life, it comes with its own set of controversies. 

Currently, some of the users accuse Niantic Inc., the creator of Pokemon GO, that they have made use of AI art for their latest Season 12 promotion. The current season is named “Adventures ABOUND” and one of the artworks depicts the season logo with a city in the background.

Pokemon GO players noticed an inconsistent and extremely blurry lineart, which distorts and ends abruptly. It feels like there is a lack of alignment in the image.

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It was also pointed out by the players that the image appears to have been made without any planning and the absence of a Pokemon in the image takes the soul out of it. 

Source: pokemongohub.net

What did the company respond?

After these raised queries from users, Kotaku reached out to Niantic for a comment and received a neutral statement. 

Niantic said, “We use a variety of tools and software to create visual assets. They also mention that they don’t disclose specifics around their processes.”

Few players had decided to stop playing and sell their accounts much earlier before this. The reason was due to the changes in Pokemon GO’s Remote Raids. 

Since the adoption of AI is growing exponentially and is practically inevitable. We are yet to see how this will turn out and how the companies and the users find a way to integrate it in a way that works for both parties. 

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