No to AI Art Protest is trending on Artstation

Artists are staging protests against AI Art on the Artstation platform. All the Artists have united against AI Arts on Artstation (No to AI Art Protest) However the platform is also not backing down. Epic game has released a statement – saying they won’t be banning AI Art.

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“No to AI Art” Protest Explained:

No to AI Art Protest
No to AI Art Protest on Artstation

Artists started criticizing the platform by adding the “no to AI generated photos” graphic to their portfolios. It was done after several users pointed out that AI-generated art was being displayed on the site’s main Explore page. On ArtStation, many artists feel that comparing their work to AI-generated graphics is degrading and degrades the time and talent that went into it.

The No to AI Generated Images protest was initiated by illustrator Nicholas Kole after costume designer Imogen Chayes shared on twitter about the “No AI” illustration created by illustrator Alexander Nanitchkov.

Unsurprisingly this has infuriated a lot of people. Since the website now supports AI-generated images, a lot of artists are spamming their portfolios with No to AI Art Images.

Artists are sharing the image No AI shared by Alexander Nanitchkov. As a result, “No to AI generated graphics” logos are all over the ArtStation homepage.
The identical image was uploaded by thousands of 2D and 3D artists. Additionally, they requested ArtStation to take the artificial intelligence (AI)-generated images off the website. Stating a variety of justifications, including the fact that the AI-generated photos diminish the value of the work of human artists. And also it makes the process more challenging for employers to identify talent on the platform. The answer from ArtStation, owned by Epic Games, is not what they anticipated.

Artstation’s statement in reply to the protest:

ArtStation released frequently asked questions defending the inclusion of AI-generated artwork on their site in response to the No to AI created graphics protest. Its “content restrictions do not prohibit the use of AI in the uploading of artwork,” the firm says.

Artstation says that “users’ portfolios should only contain artwork they have created, and we urge users to be open about the process”. 

According to the firm, it is not their intention to “become a gatekeeper with site rules that hinder AI development and commercialization while respecting artists’ rights and copyright law”.

The parent company of ArtStation, Epic, asserted that it has not entered into any agreements with AI businesses that would permit them to scrape the content of its website. Also, it is working to provide users “greater choice” over how their work is shared and branded.

Artists reaction to the Artstation’s statement

Many artists, including Kole, are unhappy with this remark; some want the company to outright prohibit AI-made photographs. While others want the platform to at least require artists to label and distinguish their AI-generated content from other art.

“While I am glad to see ArtStation acknowledge our protest, their response strikes me as inadequate and evasive. The main thing we are asking for in doing this is for a positive policy against the proliferation and presence of AI-generated images on a site intended to showcase the portfolios of professional and aspiring-professional artists. This is clearly something Artstation is, at this time, unwilling to do in clear terms”

Nicholas Kole

Shutterstock Image and Getty Image bans AI Images

AI photos cannot yet be shared or sold on stock image websites like Shutterstock and Getty Images due to copyright issues.
Further, artists have taken it upon themselves to inform the public about the morally gray areas of AI art. Because the velocity of AI development exceeds the capacity of legislators to keep up with copyright restrictions.