Midjourney V6 (Alpha) is out! Here is what’s new!

Midjourny has come up with its latest version V6, that is currently available on their Discord server and will soon be available for all billable users on their website.

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Currently, Midjourny is running the alpha phase of their latest V6 version on discord server. There was a long gap for the release of V6 compared to its previous releases. It’s been a week since the release and we are seeing all kinds of responses from the users. Let us dive deeper and see the major changes in the system and what’s next for us as a user of this tool?  

Key Features of Midjourney V6

1. Enhanced Prompt Following and Image Quality: Midjourney V6 exhibits much more accurate prompt following, improved coherence, and enhanced model knowledge.

2. Text Drawing: One of the most awaited features. They have introduced a minor text drawing ability, enabling users to include legible text in their creations.

3. New Prompting Structure and Parameters: The dev team has clearly stated that “You will need to ‘relearn’ how to prompt.” to use V6.

The update brings a new way of prompting, supporting elements like "chaos" and "zoom" for more control. It requires a shift in how users create prompts, focusing on being explicit and clear about desired outcomes. 

This version is more sensitive to prompts, so avoid using keywords such as “award winning, photorealistic, 4k, 8k” and others.

4. Improved Upscalers: The update includes improved upscalers with both subtle and creative modes, enhancing image resolution by 2X.

5. Organizational Tools: Anticipated improvements in image management include features like folders, ratings, and tagging, along with potential integration with external storage services. All these can be witnessed when the website is made accessible to everyone. 

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6. Community and Standards: With the increase in realism, Midjourney V6 has strengthened its moderation systems to enforce community standards more rigorously. So know the limit and create your images mindfully!

7. Supported Arguments

--ar, --chaos, --weird, --tile, --stylize, --style raw , Vary (subtle), Vary (strong), Remix, /blend.

Using Midjourney V6 with Examples

To enable V6 on the discord server -> Go to Midjourney Discord Server -> click on textbox -> Type “/settings” -> In the dropdown menu, Select “Midjourney MODEL V6 [ALPHA]” and you are good to go.

Creating Text

  • To create texts, you can try the following prompt and then tweak it to your needs.

  • You must write the text you want inside the double quotes (“ ”).

Example Prompt: A big Canvas with the text "Good Morning" --v 6.0 --style raw.


The latest update comes with more hyper realistic image outputs, that are clear and the upscale option is an icing on top!

Example Prompt: close up shot of [Hibiscus petals] portrayed in the style of desktop wallpaper, gradient dark mix, pitch black background --ar 16:9.

Upscaled Image

The latest version of Midjourney supports two upscale modes that are Subtle and Creative upscales. Let’s have a look at how it looks. 

Example Prompt: A close up shot of a Cat, Looking at the camera surprised --s 250, --v 6.0. 

Comparison between V5.2 Vs V6

Example Prompt: A flower pot made of [pebbles], sealed with glue solvent, colorful surroundings, minimal background --style raw.

Example Prompt: Eco-Minimalism interior design, minimal environmental footprint, dark tone color palette, clutter-free, --ar 16:9.

Example Prompt: Astronaut finds a lake nearby, His face is filled with joy looking at the water, dark neon environment.

Example Prompt: product photography of Perfume, minimal, clean background, focus stacking, Vignette.

It’s been a week since its release and people are experimenting with possible outputs and it's yet soon to come into any judgments. The dev team has announced that minor updates and changes to the platform in terms of features will come unannounced. We just need to keep checking the platform and test out other supporting features when and how then come in. Till then, Happy Prompting.