Large Nature Model: World’s first AI model trained on data from Nature and not Humans

Immersive media artist Refik Anadol has announced the creation of the world's first open-source generative AI model trained exclusively on data from Nature. This revolutionary project, titled 'Large Nature Model', signifies a notable shift from traditional AI models that predominantly utilize human-generated data, such as text and art.

The Genesis of the Large Nature Model

Anadol's studio has gathered open-access data from prestigious institutions, like the Smithsonian Institution and London's Natural History Museum. Additionally, the team has embarked on a global journey, visiting 16 rainforest locations to deploy advanced data collection technologies, including LiDAR, photogrammetry, and capturing high-resolution visual and audio data of diverse ecosystems.

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Platform for Data Visualization and AI Art

Image Source: Refik Anadol Studio

The 'Large Nature Model' is a central component of DATALAND, Anadol's ambitious future museum and Web3 platform dedicated to the fusion of data visualization and AI art. The platform aims to showcase how AI can be used creatively to interpret and present natural data in new and compelling ways.

Anadol's studio plans to debut the first results of their work with the 'Large Nature Model' in an installation called 'Living Archive: Nature' at the World Economic Forum. This installation promises to be an immersive experience that combines visuals, sound, and scent elements to highlight the complex interactions within ecosystems. The centerpiece will be a 39ft by 13ft media wall featuring simulations of rainforest flora and fauna, derived from the rich data collected from rainforests.

Image Source: Refik Anadol

Anadol envisions the 'Large Nature Model' as a tool for insight, education, and environmental advocacy. By integrating art, technology, and nature, the model aims to raise awareness about environmental issues and stimulate innovative solutions. The project seeks to make the abstract concept of environmental conservation tangible and accessible, encouraging a collective responsibility towards our planet.

Refik Anadol's 'Large Nature Model' represents a significant advancement in the field of AI and art. By focusing on nature as the primary data source, Anadol is highlighting the critical role of environmental stewardship in the modern world.

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