Exclusive Interview with AI Artist FlyingDog Art

FlyingDog Art is an amazing AI Artist. He has created AI artworks of wide range of style and subject. We got a chance to interview him and gain a closer look at his experiences with AI Art.

Interview with AI Artist FlyingDog Art

The umbrella by FlyingDog Art

Tell us a little about yourself

Hey there! My name is Wojtek, an architect from Poland who is passionate about architecture and, of course, graphic design. I am also keen on creating illustrations for my own stories.

You can find Artworks of FlyingDog Art on Artzone.ai – Exclusive AI Art Gallery.

What made you explore AI Art?

I’ve always been into graphic design and drawing pictures. My work as an architect keeps me very busy, so when AI platforms for generating images came along, I was excited to see how to bring my interests to life without limitations and in a relatively short time. It was the perfect opportunity to dive into something I was passionate about while keeping up with my busy architectural work.

Tell us more about your art style

I don’t stick to a specific style for my images. Instead, my main goal is to make them a part of the story or narrative I’ve got in my head. So I’m not too focused on making hyperrealistic images; I enjoy unique framing, camera settings, and the type and source of light. As for inspiration, I get them from everything that surrounds me or happens to me.

What hurdles did you face while engaging with Artificial Intelligence?

At first, finding the right tools and platforms that suited my needs was challenging. I also had to learn to communicate effectively with the AI to achieve the desired results. It took some time and patience to figure out the best ways to collaborate with AI, but as I gained experience, I became more comfortable with the process.

To the Moon by FlyingDog Art
To the Moon by FlyingDog Art

What is the inspiration behind your artwork and creations?

I get inspired by everything around me, from daily life experiences to the environment I’m surrounded by. I record each inspiration and bring them to life in my work, even amidst my hectic schedule as an architect.

Inspiration can come from anywhere; Capturing those moments can lead to unique creations

FlyingDog Art

What are your opinions on the future of AI Art in the creative world?

The end of AI Art is super promising! AI technology will continue to advance, opening up even more possibilities for artists to create unique and innovative works. We must see AI as a creative partner that can help us explore new artistic frontiers rather than a threat to human creativity. I believe the fusion of human intuition and machine-generated elements will produce fantastic art.

What advice would you give aspiring AI artists just starting in the field?

For anyone starting their AI journey, be patient and persistent, experiment and explore, learn from others, stay up-to-date with AI advancements, embrace collaboration, be mindful of ethical considerations, and, most importantly, develop your vision.

AI Artwork by FlyingDog Art
AI Artwork by FlyingDog Art

Will artists be replaced by AI Art?

I don’t think AI Art will replace artists. Instead, it will open up new possibilities and ways for artists to express themselves. AI can be seen as a creative partner that enhances human creativity rather than a threat. The collaboration between human intuition and AI-generated elements can lead to unique art.

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Tell us a little more about your next AI Art endeavors.

In my upcoming AI ventures, I plan to dig deeper into the potential of AI as a creative partner and explore new possibilities in visual storytelling. Also, plan some cool projects, including thematic series and collaborative projects with other artists. I’m excited to see where these projects take me.

Tiny & Colorful by FlyingDog Art
Tiny & Colorful by FlyingDog Art

What are your thoughts on Artzone.ai? 

I have an excellent opinion of Artzone.ai. It’s a fantastic platform that genuinely supports artists by offering them a space to showcase their work and connect with other creatives. Unlike other platforms where many scammers offer fake promotions for artists, Artzone.ai stands out by being authentic and genuinely caring about the artist community. As a result, it’s an excellent place to grow, learn, and be inspired by others in the AI Art field.

You can contact FlyingDog Art via his Social Media pages.

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