How to get exactly what you want in AI art? What Makes the Difference?

Anyone can generate images with random words, but to get top notch results, we need better prompting skills and the right usage of the right keywords to get a more refined image out of your prompts. AI art generators like Midjourney, DALL-E 3, and Adobe Firefly are changing the game as we speak. These tools are not just software, they're like having an artistic collaborator with an endless capacity for creation. But how do you make sure you're getting exactly what you want from these tools? 

Let's uncover the secrets to understanding what makes an image stand out from the rest of the regular artworks.


Prompting is an essential skill one has to master eventually when it comes to creating these images, but to begin with, all you need are words and sentences.

Each AI art generator takes different kinds of inputs and creates images based on the prompts given. For example, you can just enter short words to describe what you want in Midjourney, but to create the same in Dalle.3 you need to use specific descriptive keywords in your prompts. So your output will be dependent on the type of AI generator used.

In this article we will make use of Midjourney, Dall3 and Adobe Firefly as our reference. Since all these take different kinds of inputs, this will cover most of the aspects and you can use these same techniques on any of your AI art generators.

 Tips for Perfecting Your AI Art

1.Start Broad, then Refine

Begin with a general concept and gradually add details.

Example: Imagine you want to create a pot. A clay pot. So your basic general prompt will start by entering “A clay Pot” and later add other details you need on the pot. So let us see the difference between a basic prompt and a well defined prompt.


Prompt:  A clay pot. (Maybe we can add colors if required)

This is the general output.

2.Learn from Examples

Study images similar to what you're aiming for and note how they're described.

Now let’s add more specifics to the first image and refine it.

Prompt: A fine pear-shaped [clay pot], dramatic background

In here the keyword "fine pear shaped" tells the machine what kind of shape i am expecting out of the pot and to be in which condition. A blank pot gives you a rough mud work, but just by adding the keyword "fine" before it refines the object.

Next adding the the word "dramatic background" makes the whole visual bit intense and adds the necessary filters.

Keep in mind, the output varies widely from generator to generator.

3.Iterate and Experiment

Don't be afraid to make several attempts with variations in your prompts.


Let us look at another example and see the difference in refining the prompt quality by adding unique keywords related to different aspects such as editing and photography.

Generator used: Midjourney

Each of these keywords hold some value that will alter the final outcome. In the third image, the word "selective color" did the magic of changing the color of the background to black and white with popping orange colors for the subject in focus. In the same way, keep looking for new unique keyword and make a not of them. They are easily available on platforms like X where creators share their prompt and you can use those prompts and try to experiment with them and you will get an idea of what goes where and how the final outcome will be.

4. Understand the Limitations

Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses; play to their strengths. If you try the same prompt to each and every prompt, the output might vary and you might not get the desired output. So always be ready to see undesired outputs as well. Each platform have their own limitation and it's our job to reiterate the prompt and keep experimenting and see how we can come around that conflict and get the results.

So these are few of the things you need to keep in mind while crafting your AI artwork and by following these simple steps, you can get far more better results than your expect. Work around these prompts and add your own prompts and keep doing trial and error till you get what you planned for. Happy Prompting.