How to Create Best Prompts for Stable Diffusion

The AI model converts text into images through the prompts for Stable Diffusion. Millions of image and text description pairs from the internet were used to train it. The model is aware of which text description corresponds to which photographs as a result of its extensive experience. The exciting aspect of this technology is that you can direct the model to produce previously unattainable high-quality photos.

Prompts for Stable Diffusion

That such visuals can be created using keyword-pixel correlations is amazing! It’s amazing how well it integrates the artistic style, faces (our brains are incredibly picky about even the smallest flaws), and shadows while maintaining a nice look. Human minds are incapable of comprehending the awe of enormous numbers.

The quality of the prompt determines the quality of the picture.

How to Build Good Prompts

There are tried-and-true methods for producing precise, high-quality photographs. However, most of these, if not all of these, should be covered in your prompt:

  • Subject: First, you will need a subject in order to create good prompts for Stable Diffusion. For example, the image that is produced for the prompt “A young woman with light blue dress sitting next to a wooden window reading a book” is given below:
Prompts for Stable Diffusion
Prompts for Stable Diffusion
  • Medium: Add a medium now. Digital painting, a photograph, and oil paintings are a few examples. Thus, the next prompt is “Digital painting of a young woman sitting next to a wooden window reading a book in a light blue dress.”

Once you start getting the hang of it, add the rest of them:

  • Style
  • Artist
  • Website
  • Resolution
  • Additional details
  • Color

Putting them all together, the final prompt for Stable Diffusion is:

“Digital painting of a young woman with light blue dress sitting next to a wooden window reading a book, by Stanley Artgerm Lau, artstation, 8k, extremely detailed, ornate, cinematic lighting, vivid.”

The image that is generated is:

Prompts for Stable Diffusion
Final result

Tips for Good Prompts:

  • When discussing the topic, be specific and in-depth.
  • To make it stronger, use multiple brackets (), and to make it weaker, use [].
  • Pick a media that is suited for the artist. Thus, Van Gogh shouldn’t be paired with, say, a photograph.
  • The name of the artist is a powerful stylistic modifier. Use prudently.
  • Try combining different styles.
  • Visit the prompt section to review the excellent prompts. Use the prompt as a place to start if there is an image you particularly enjoy.

Some Good Keywords We Suggest:


Defines artwork.

PortraitFocuses image on the face/headshot.
Digital paintingDigital art style
Concept artIllustration style, 2D
Ultra-realistic illustrationdrawing that is very realistic, good to use for people
Underwater portraitUnderwater. Hair floating
Underwater steampunkunderwater with wash color


These terms hone the art style even more.

HyperrealisticIncreases details and resolution
Pop-artPop-art style
ModernistVibrant color, high contrast
Art NouveauAdd ornaments and details, building style


The prompt’s mention of the artist has a powerful impact. Examine their work before making your decision.

John Collier19th-century portrait painter. Adds elegancy.
Stanley Artgerm LauStrong realistic modern drawing.
Frida KahloThe strong impact that mimics Kahlo’s portraiture, occasionally lead to a picture frame
John Singer SargentUseful for creating 19th-century delicate garments and women’s portraits, as well as some impressionism
Alphonse Mucha2D portrait painting in style of Alphonse Mucha


Due to the fact that each website has a specific specialist category, mentioning an art or photography website has a powerful impact.

pixivJapanese anime style
pixabayCommercial stock photo style
artstationModern illustration, fantasy


unreal engineVery realistic and detailed 3D
sharp focusIncrease resolution
8kHowever, increasing the resolution could make it appear more artificial. Increases the image’s realism and camera-like quality.
vray3D rendering best for objects, landscape and building.

Additional Details to Prompts for Stable Diffusion

Add specific details to your image.

dramaticIncreases the emotional expressivity of the face. Overall substantial increase in photo potential / variability. +1 for variability, important for getting the max hit.
silkAdd silk to clothing
expansiveMore open background, smaller subject
low angle shotshot from low angle **
god rayssunlight breaking through the cloud
psychedelicvivid color with distortion

We’ve gone through the fundamental format of a solid prompt. As a guide rather than a set of rules, use this. Stable Diffusion is an extremely adaptable model. Let the clever use of keywords take you by surprise!

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