How is Artificial Intelligence related to NFTs?

The majority of us are aware with NFT art created by computers, such as those displayed on the Art Blocks site, which showcases innovative coding works by top digital artists. However, it must be noted that Artificial Intelligence and NFTs are closely related.

Many readers may also be aware with Refik Anadol, who transformed several of his works that involve AI algorithms trained on large data sets into NFTs. On the other hand, certain NFT artworks, like Botto’s, are created entirely by artificial intelligence.

The combined potential of blockchain and AI, however, can go beyond NFT art.

Transition of AI Companies into Web3

Businesses with experience in creating AI-powered products are applying their knowledge to blockchain applications.

A voice-over and text-to-speech company among them is LOVO. It focuses on voice, a straightforward but somehow overlooked component of decentralized digital identities up until this point. It will serve as the metaverse’s main medium of communication. People enjoy personalizing the looks of their avatars, and they might also want to do the same with their digital voices.

Artificial Intelligence and NFTs
Development of Web3

To provide owners the freedom to have a distinctive voice in the metaverse, LOVO is developing Voiceverse with Voice NFTs.

A voice library is accessible through these NFTs, and LOVO’s text-to-speech tool enables testing of various voice samples. Additionally, this application interfaces with well-known PFP NFT collections, such as BAYC and Cool Cats, allowing you to synchronize the mouth of the PFP with the created voice.

NFT Marketplaces and AI

AI can be used by con artists to replicate the works of other artists. But the same technology might be applied to the treatment as well.

For instance, aiRight serves as both an audit and an NFTs marketplace. The integrated infringement detection technology enables the collectors to inspect the NFTs prior to purchase in order to determine their authenticity. For the purpose of identifying fraud, the market utilizes AI oracles supplied by Oraichain. These oracles guarantee that AI is applied in a verifiable and trustworthy manner.

Artificial Intelligence and NFTs
NFT Marketplace

The importance of Oraichain in decentralized AI applications should be emphasized. The play-to-earn game Kawaii Island, which intends to launch an AI-powered metaverse, and Dino Hub, an AI models marketplace for web3 developers, are two additional blockchain companies partnered with Oraichain.

Intelligent NFTs and Smart Contracts with AI

How are intelligent traits like learning possible in NFTs? The solution is to directly incorporate machine learning and deep learning technologies into NFTs’ smart contracts.

Artificial Intelligence and NFTs
The Working of Smart Contracts

Intelligent NFTs, or iNFTs, are the name given to these NFTs. Alethea AI introduced the first iNFT protocol. Any NFT can be transformed into an iNFT using this protocol. Base NFT is combined with a personality pod for this purpose. NFTs with personality pods have a variety of traits that give the base NFT a distinct AI personality and level of intelligence. In other words, fusing adheres to a noncustodial framework and is accomplished by securing the personality pod within the smart contracts of the iNFT protocol while maintaining the base NFT.

Smart NFT Agents

The Altered State Machine is a different protocol that operates in a similar manner (ASM). Based on AI-related technologies like machine learning, ASM gives its users the ability to create AI-powered agents that, among other things, can be used as trade assistants, digital assistants, or customer care representatives.

A three-part system is employed by ASM to produce intelligent NFTs. Each NFT has a “Genome” at its core that serves as a figurative representation of the agent’s DNA. The agents’ physical shapes are provided by the “Forms.” Users may import NFTs from other collections at this point, like in the case of merging Alethea NFTs. The final element is “Memories,” which develop as a result of training NFTs. Algorithms for machine learning are used for training. Thus, Artificial Intelligence and NFTs grow together as technological advances take place.

NFTs for ASM agents will work with OpenSea. The ability for owners to train their agents and sell them will be available.

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