The Strangest Avengers AI Art Just Got Shared by Marvel’s Russo Brothers

The official Instagram account of Joe and Anthony Russo has shared some intriguing Avengers AI art that shows the Avengers in a notably different setting.

After producing four of their most well-liked and lucrative movies for the studio in rapid succession, Joe and Anthony Russo have temporarily left Marvel.

Artwork created by artificial intelligence is currently all the rage on the internet. Users input a prompt, and the AI creates results using strong algorithms and preexisting graphics. These are occasionally hilariously wrong and other times uncannily accurate. Also, recently one of these outcomes attracted the Russos’ attention.

Russos Share Wes Anderson’s Avengers

An intriguing new post was sent to The Russo Brothers’ official Instagram account. The photographs in question were posted by user @digiguru. He claims on his profile that he utilizes the AI known as Midjourney. Furthermore, they approximately represent what an Avengers movie would look like in 1980. This is only if it were directed by amateur filmmaker Wes Anderson.

“Holy shit, Where can we watch this…” the Russos wrote as the caption for their post. 

Avengers AI Art
Avengers AI Art

Even more drip than what Black Panther is generally renowned for is seen.

Avengers AI Art
Black Panther

The post also featured a version of Thanos with a beard, less muscle, and a desire for learning instead of world destruction. cool glasses too!

Avengers AI Art

Here, Tony Stark is dressed in a vintage flannel suit and is admiring his creation, an Iron Man armor that has a slight steampunk influence but is sleek and actually quite impressive.

Avengers AI Art
Iron Man

In the image, Ant-Man, who resembles Adrien Brody somewhat, and also wears a Pym Tech helmet from the Cold War.

Avengers AI Art

What could be superior to one Rocket Raccoon? They were two. This is one aesthetically appealing image, especially with a Peter Quill who resembles the character from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Avengers AI Art

A Hulk that appears to have jumped out of a 1970s Marvel comic book squares up against… Richard Madden of the Eternals?

Hulk in Avengers AI Art

The collection of images also features the required shawarma moment, paying homage to the iconic post-credits scene from The Avengers (2012).

Avengers AI Art
The Avengers

Mightiest Avengers AI Art

That much is obvious: Wes Anderson will never direct a Marvel film. He is far too preoccupied with his own aesthetic and the movies he enjoys making. Additionally, Bill Murray, a regular partner, is previously featured in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

The next best thing will thus have to be this creation by Midjourney. It’s very certain that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios won’t be producing a film that resembles this any time soon. Maybe a What If? episode?

Captain America: The First Avenger, which is mostly set during World War II and somewhat resembles the substance of several of these works, may be the closest one can go.

The Russo Brothers have stated that they won’t be prepared to work with Marvel again for a while.

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