AbsXcess – a manga created with AI assistance!

English Productions has launched the first manga created in conjunction with an AI.

AbsXcess is a story about an immortal king who has remained dormant for over 1000 years. In that time, humankind flourished but there are those who feel that humanity had become wicked and not worthy of the position they currently hold on the planet. they want to revive the king so that he may wipe the world clean and start over again. The main group pursuing this goal are Nakaya clan. They scour the planet doing battle with beings of exceptional power in order to steal their Tamashi. Their soul. Once they’ve collected enough soul energy, they can transfer it to the ancient relic known as the Absxcess, which can then be used to resurrect the immortal king.

While the story was created by Christopher English, all of the artwork was created using Midjourney. “I’ve tried Stable Diffusion, Novel AI and a few others”, states English, “But I love the images that I can create in conjunction with Midjourney. They have that special sauce to them.”

Download the manga AbsXcess for FREE at English-Productions.com

AbsXcess is a 28-page American style manga so it reads like American comics. Currently there are two issues available that can be download for FREE when you join the mailing list at English-Productions.com. There are also print versions on sale at Amazon. “It’s amazing what you can achieve with AI. The second issue is already a vast improvement over the first.”, says English.

AbsXcess manga artwork created by midjourney
AbsXcess manga – Print version available via Amazon

English Production’s next venture will be an ecchi manga and will be read more like a traditional Japanese Manga.